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Because she's suing the sperm bank for its life-changing, avoidable error, Cramblett is now known as that terrible racist lesbian who's so distressed by her mixed-race child that she's resorted to legal action.
Data from sperm bank users show more still prefer anonymous donation; often fail to report pregnancies.
The world's biggest sperm bank is rejecting donations from red-haired and blond men because its stores are full and demand for red or fair-haired children is so low.
According to Dilip Patil, Managing Director, Cryos International Sperm Bank, lot of precaution is taken while selecting the donors, because preserving of samples is a very critical operation.
The federal government regulates all sperm banks and clinics by making compliance with FDA regulations mandatory.
While few American clinics still actively destroy files, sperm banks and egg donor agencies that go out of business do not always preserve records of donor identities.
A sperm bank is to be created to help save endangered breeds such as the much-loved Cleveland Bay - a firm favourite of the Queen.
THE GENIUS FACTORY: The Curious History of the Nobel Prize Sperm Bank
However, private clinics could be prevented from discriminating against women without a male partner and stop them turning to internet sperm banks.
A public consultation on the move will be launched when curbs on internet sperm banks are proposed tomorrow.
Since the Repository's dusty records, like those of all sperm banks, were confidential, Plotz used the Internet to attract and track down donors, recipients and offspring.
In 1980, when artificial insemination and anonymous sperm banks were becoming more popular; Graham founded the Repository for Germinal Choice, which was instantly dubbed the "Nobel Prize Sperm Bank" by the press.