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Having finished fifth on his debut over timber at Newcastle, Spellchecker arrived back over course and distance in November.
This rising demand has led WhiteSmoke to open new technical operations in San Francisco to better meet US demand for its all-in-one writing software which offers advanced grammar checker, text enrichment and spellchecker.
Ishmael Doku discusses the problems fostered by students' use of the electronic spellchecker.
5 million synonym links' a spellchecker that provides instant phonetic spelling correction for over 130,000 words' a crossword and anagram solver' a calculator and currency converter' an imperial/metric converter (lengths, weights, temperature and liquid measures)' and word games.
It includes a Gaelic spellchecker covering almost 20,000 words and a specially designed keyboard.
My spellchecker continues to highlight the word as a spelling mistake.
Authors would use software that works like a spellchecker to screen their papers and choose the formal concepts that are most relevant.
The standard Palm applications are included--Address Book, Date Book, To-Do List, and Memo Pad along with QuickOffice, which integrates with Microsoft Word and Excel; PrintBoy utility for direct printing to JR and USB printers; and AlphaWord, a full-featured word processor with spellchecker and thesaurus.
Analogous to a spellchecker system on a personal computer, computer-aided detection is used by increasing numbers of radiologists as "a second pair of eyes" when reading a mammogram.
The spellchecker simply didn't recognize to pee, I'll be bound.
DataCop acts like a spellchecker for files, highlighting non-compliant dates and asking the user if they want them reformatted.
CompuBridge has released six spellchecker programs to increase your productivity and enhance your professionalism when creating documents in Windows 98/95/NT.