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Software that identifies incorrectly spelled or unknown words. medical transcription Used during referencing and proofreading to ensure accuracy of transcribed reports.
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Having finished fifth on his debut over timber at Newcastle, Spellchecker arrived back over course and distance in November.
I write, for example: "On the other hand, you want to say ewwww." And the spellchecker says to make it "ewe."
I understand that it helps describe who the character is, but when all of her numerous communications are filled with a large number of errors, there were times when I wondered why she wasn't using a spellchecker. Other than that, it is a fun, different kind of story to read.
"Photoshop doesn't include a spellchecker, so you'd have to leave, spell check somewhere else, and copy it back -- it breaks your concentration and takes you away from the task at hand.
Ishmael Doku discusses the problems fostered by students' use of the electronic spellchecker. Meanwhile, Melvin J.
Also features a Thesaurus with a high speed search of over 2.5 million synonym links' a spellchecker that provides instant phonetic spelling correction for over 130,000 words' a crossword and anagram solver' a calculator and currency converter' an imperial/metric converter (lengths, weights, temperature and liquid measures)' and word games.
It includes a Gaelic spellchecker covering almost 20,000 words and a specially designed keyboard.
Key findings from this analysis include: (1) Clarifications and specifications attached to specific accommodations in state policies--especially those with implications for resulting scores--are increasing; (2) States are providing guidance to readers, scribes, and sign language interpreters--as well as direction for IEP teams--on the process for using accommodations that are not on an approved list; (3) The number of states permitting the use of accommodations for all students is increasing; and (4) The most controversial accommodations continue to be read aloud (questions), calculator, spellchecker, and proctor/scribe.
My spellchecker continues to highlight the word as a spelling mistake.
Authors would use software that works like a spellchecker to screen their papers and choose the formal concepts that are most relevant.
In addition to the audio, video and printer-friendly lessons, the site includes a hospital soap opera in Welsh as an educational tool, along with a searchable dictionary, spellchecker, an 87-page grammar guidebook, and a weekly newsletter on Wales and Welsh culture.
The standard Palm applications are included--Address Book, Date Book, To-Do List, and Memo Pad along with QuickOffice, which integrates with Microsoft Word and Excel; PrintBoy utility for direct printing to JR and USB printers; and AlphaWord, a full-featured word processor with spellchecker and thesaurus.