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Software that identifies incorrectly spelled or unknown words. medical transcription Used during referencing and proofreading to ensure accuracy of transcribed reports.
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WhiteSmoke is the only combined grammar, spelling and text enhancement software that detects and corrects user mistakes, and is far more powerful than spell checkers and grammar checkers that come bundled with other products.
The Phone Directory Spell Checker (WP-1120) stores more than 50 names and phone numbers and can retrieve the correct spelling of words entered phonetically.
A built-in spell checker which automatically suggests corrections and enables users to proofread messages before they are sent.
Elsevier Dorland's spell checker adds more than 212,000 words to the Microsoft Office spell checker.
TextWrangler includes an integrated spell checker, numerous character formatting commands, very fast multi-file search and replace, 'grep' style pattern matching based on PCRE (Perl-Compatible Regular Expression), a rich plug-in architecture and an array of built-in text transformation functions.
The spell checker offers far more than usual spellcheckers: Its syntax analysis enables the software to detect grammar mistakes as in "Sie lernte ihn beim tanzen kennen" (instead of "Sie lernte ihn beim Tanzen kennen") or mistakes as in "Er will sie kennenlernen" instead of the correct "Er will sie kennen lernen".
The web-mail interface includes mail forwarding, address book, spell checker, and other unique features such as local weather forecasts.
Spell Checker: Spell checker autocorrects commonly misspelled