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Addressing the 11th convocation of the University of Management and Technology in Lahore Ahsan Iqbal said the national economy is growing speedily due to prudent economic policies of the PML (N).
Presiding over a meeting to review on going schemes at his office, the Deputy Commissioner directed communication and works department and consultants to work speedily for the completion of on-going schemes within stipulated time, no excuse would be accepted in this regard.
The Chief Minister said that Knowledge Park Project will become a source of promotion of education in the real sense and this important project of research and education will be completed speedily.
Of these two pillars of an effective judicial architecture, our system is weak in speedily dispensing justice.
Rafique for driving bus speedily and carelessly, however, the driver succeeded to flee away from the scene.
RHODRI Morgan has welcomed a pounds 486,000 Assembly grant for Road Safety schemes in Ely area The Cardiff West AM called on the council to use the money speedily to improve safety in the Ely, Caerau and Michaelston-super-Ely areas.
The company turned to Marden Edwards (ME), which speedily provided an Evofold wrapper in just one week from when the order had been placed.
Senate GOP leader Mitch MeConnell of Kentucky is unpersuaded that speedily passing a takeover of healthcare--or passing it at all--is wise.
A SONNET TO MY LOVE How beautiful you are, a creation second to none No one like you, You are definitely one of one, A crimson sun set, dark yet bright, A shooting star flashing speedily through the sky at Night, a pot of gold at a rainbow end, An eagle soaring high, All this and more, to me, that's what you are.
Countryside Alliance chief Simon Hart said of the Shadow Foreign Secretary: "He gave everyone in the room absolute confidence that the commitment would be speedily delivered.
Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz agreed with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday to work speedily on a project to build a transnational gas pipeline from Iran to India through Pakistan to meet growing energy needs of the two South Asian countries.
But officials said handling calls locally puts them in the hands of law enforcement officials who are familiar with the area and speedily transmit information to local deputies and detectives.