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Balloon Angioplasty vs. Optimal Atherectomy Trial. A trial that investigated whether DCA is better than balloon angioplasty for de novo lesions in native coronary arteries
Primary endpoints MACE, TLR—time to relapse at 1 year
Conclusion DCA followed by aggressive PTCA results in significantly increased lumen diameters and decreased rates of restenosis at 6 months than PTCA alone; despite angiographic improvement, rate of clinical events at 1 year is not significantly different between optimal DCA and PTCA


Cardiology An ongoing study–Balloon Angioplasty vs Optimal Atherectomy on the efficacy of aggressive atherectomy as a means of improving the short-term results of angioplasty. Cf CAVEAT.

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Q. I love to travel in this boat Anyone knows, what makes this happen? I am in my first trimester and I am happy with my pregnancy and so far it’s been a smooth sailing boat. I love to travel in this boat till I reach the destination. But one thing that troubles me is that I tend to sleep more. Anyone knows, what makes this happen, please give some input….

A. Hey! It’s a good sign that you tend to sleep more. It is a common symptom among majority of the pregnant women and that too in the first trimester. The need for excess sleep is caused by the newly raised levels of progesterone, which is normal during pregnancy. This hormone helps to regulate the reproductive cycle. This hormone generally makes you drowsy and is the need for extra nap. Enjoy with your pregnancy. Your are perfectly alright. Remember to grab short nap whenever you can and it is absolutely harmless. You will have a different sleeping pattern while in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.

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Five years ago, Iran claimed it was starting mass production of two new classes of combat speedboats able to chase down most American warships.
They were hit by a speedboat pulling a dinghy which carried two tourists.
Another CBP P-3 air surveillance crew working in the West Caribbean identified a fast-moving speedboat between the border of Panama and Colombia, according to the news release.
50pm when there were reports that six people had been thrown off a speedboat, and that the speedboat was out of control for a short time.
The out-of-control speedboat is thought to have mown down some of them.
London, Dec 4( ANI ): The speedboat David Beckham used to carry the Olympic torch up the River Thames to the Olympic Park has failed to reach its reserve price at auction.
Jaguar, a subsidiary of Tata Motors Limited (NYSE: TTM), has developed one-of-a-kind speedboat to promote its new XF Sportbrake.
16pm to a speedboat with six people on board plus the two waterskiers in the water.
A BOY of 14 died yesterday after he was horrifically mangled by a speedboat propeller just hours into the school summer holidays.
He said two navy officers were lost at sea when a speedboat they were in capsized as they chased bandits from Somalia who kidnapped a French woman at the Kenyan coast on Saturday.
The crew of 48-foot Carina, which won Glass 3, counted seven heavy squalls, while the 25-strong crew of Alex Jackson's 100-foot supermaxi Speedboat didn't drop a reef during the entire race.
keep her from my fears at horizon's edge, the speedboat, an injured