Speed Reading

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The alleged ability to read 10,000 to 25,000 words/minute
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Senior trainer of students at OnlySuccess Sampath Kumar said: "We helped students with last-minute tips to help boost speed-reading skills.
A new text subtitle solution, speed-reading subtitles, may be the perfect companion for automated speech-to-text.
It said there were only two certainties - that the plane had hit stormy weather before the crash and that the speed-readings were incoherent.
If you are going to start using INSEAK and the various Mind Mapping and speed-reading techniques which it incorporates, it's critical that you believe that it will work.
Speed-reading courses not only teach how to read faster with greater retention but also how to be more selective about what to read.
Although some speed-reading here and there is to be expected, given the amount of repetition, it should nevertheless be taken from beginning to end in a thorough gulp, for the text builds in rhythm and ferocity like a good sermon.
And in a passage that derides the practice of speed-reading, he quotes Alexander Pope as saying, "Some people will never learn anything because they understand everything too soon.
Glasgow RECORD reader Hamish Leishman must be the world speed-reading champion.
The week-long event includes several activities for students from different schools attending the fair, including a "Donate-a-Book" initiative, a speed-reading competition, a Culture CafEa as well as Hakawati, the ancient Arab art of storytelling.
Speed-reading tutor Clive Lewis said he would not normally recommend reading novels rapidly, because people wanted to take time to enjoy the imagery and dialogue.
Next, ESPN sponsors the Harry Potter speed-reading championships.