Speed Reading

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The alleged ability to read 10,000 to 25,000 words/minute
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Senior trainer of students at OnlySuccess Sampath Kumar said: "We helped students with last-minute tips to help boost speed-reading skills.
Indeed, you won't need to do any speed-reading if, for example, you apply an initial evaluation or a rapid pre-read and determine that the material you've been sent isn't relevant.
If you read a piece of literature you're going to miss an awful lot by going very quick,' said Mr Lewis, whose company Illumine runs speed-reading courses for companies in Wales.
Glasgow RECORD reader Hamish Leishman must be the world speed-reading champion.
The week-long event includes several activities for students from different schools attending the fair, including a "Donate-a-Book" initiative, a speed-reading competition, a Culture CafEa as well as Hakawati, the ancient Arab art of storytelling.
Next, ESPN sponsors the Harry Potter speed-reading championships.
Patrick's grammar school I earned my first holy card when I was five, by pretending on the first day of school not to know how to read (in order to appear normal), then on the second day speed-reading my way through the fifth grade's Dick and Jane: I'd changed my mind; I wanted to be different.
Designed to appeal to readers of all ages, the exhibit also includes interactive displays on the 25,000-year history of reading, a DataGlyph decoder and a speed-reading machine.
But police hadn't checked their electronic speed-reading equipment that day and its reading was open to dispute.
Jennifer Gosling was up against nine fellow classmates and teacher Anne Jones - who is the world champion at speed-reading.
And not only was Peter Pau's cinematography Oscar for ``Crouching'' one of the evening's best deserved, his speed-reading of thank-you names was a delightful example of enunciation under stress that many award-winning actors would do well to study.