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The alleged ability to read 10,000 to 25,000 words/minute
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Senior trainer of students at OnlySuccess Sampath Kumar said: "We helped students with last-minute tips to help boost speed-reading skills."
In the workshops he has given for nearly two decades to Fortune 500 companies, university groups and small-business owners, Kwik (yes, that's his real name and its pronounced "quick") relies on old-fashioned methods such as visualization and new twists on speed-reading techniques that are informed by the latest research on how the brain works.
Well, our speed-readers could say something like this: "I used my speed-reading abilities on the Sledgehammer case.
A new text subtitle solution, speed-reading subtitles, may be the perfect companion for automated speech-to-text.
It said there were only two certainties - that the plane had hit stormy weather before the crash and that the speed-readings were incoherent.
If you are going to start using INSEAK and the various Mind Mapping and speed-reading techniques which it incorporates, it's critical that you believe that it will work.
(Modern methods of speed-reading depend on this ability to read visually, without subvocalization: speed without sound.) By the time of the Romantics, passionate language was recoverable in the realm of literature and criticism, but excluded from the realms of science, technology and political economy, and suspect wherever objectivity was valued.
We consider speed-reading, time management and motivational courses--even though they offer no CPE credit and no chargeable time--worthwhile staff training.
(He warns of the tendency these days to rush through everything in order to save valuable time, including speed-reading and skimming.) "The pleasures of reading, like other delights, should be consumed in small sips," he advises.
Although some speed-reading here and there is to be expected, given the amount of repetition, it should nevertheless be taken from beginning to end in a thorough gulp, for the text builds in rhythm and ferocity like a good sermon.
Norman Cousins, another well-known and respected author, comments in his "autobiographical notebook" Human Options: "There are so many movers and shakers that there is hardly room for thinkers." And in a passage that derides the practice of speed-reading, he quotes Alexander Pope as saying, "Some people will never learn anything because they understand everything too soon." Cousins also complains about information overload, saying, "We gorge our senses and starve the sensitivities."
Dubai: Students from Grades 6 to 8 participated in a speed-reading competition to help bolster language skills, organisers said.