speech-language pathologist

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speech-language pathologist

a professional trained to identify, assess, and rehabilitate persons with speech or language disorders such as articulation problems, language problems (e.g., aphasia, delayed language development), voice problems, or stuttering problems.

speech-language pathologist

a practitioner concerned with the diagnosis and rehabilitation of persons with voice, speech, and language disorders.

speech-language pathologist (SLP)

a health professional with graduate education in human communication, its development, and its disorders. An SLP specializes in the measurement and evaluation of language abilities, auditory processes, speech production, and swallowing problems; clinical treatment of speech and language disorders; and research methods in the study of communication problems. Also called speech-language therapist.

speech-lan·guage pa·thol·o·gist

, speech pathologist (spēch-lang'gwăj pă-thol'ŏ-jist)
A practitioner concerned with the diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients with voice, speech, and language disorders.
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Foster, a speech-language pathologist and audiologist who has worked in public schools and private practice, explains the role of the speech-language pathologist in response to intervention or instruction (RtI).
During Better Hearing & Speech Month, we want stroke survivors and their loved ones to know that speech-language pathologists are here to help," Corbin said.
Patients' clinical data of should be dealt with under ethical care determined by Resolution 427 of 1st March 2013, Article 8, which guarantees that "information concerning patients can only be transferred to another professional with prior approval of the patient or his/her legal representative, under safety standards that ensure the confidentiality and integrity of information"; and Article 11, which stipulates that "the exercise of telehealth by a speech-language pathologist and audiologist registered in Brazil, provided to patients or professionals outside the country, must obligatorily comply with the legal and ethical principles of the profession, established in Brazilian legislation, in addition to international rules and agreements for professional distance relationship" [10].
Speech-Language Pathologists and Early Intervention professionals are using the book to teach parents how to enrich their toddler's early language development.
The school's speech-language pathologist outlined the benefits of whole class programming and invited teachers to collaborate.
This investigation was motivated by two key factors; the first is the authors' experience and observations whether inside the Speech and Language Clinic at the University of Jordan or outside this clinic, These experiences have demonstrated that the majority of people have limited knowledge about speech-language pathology, or overlap between speech-language pathologist (SLP) with other professions, such as special education teacher, counsellors and class teacher.
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Minuitti (1991) contends that a non fragmented approach to classroom instruction be considered in which the speech-language pathologist and classroom teacher develop unique strategies to enhance oral language skills in all subject areas.
Also presented are reasons why a Speech-Language Pathologist would be willing to engage in the Verbal Behavior Approach over other treatment methods.
To calculate interobserver reliability, a sample of 23 of 108 (21%) videotaped segments were randomly selected for coding by a speech-language pathology graduate student and a certified speech-language pathologist (the first author).
A word of caution: Conditions involving neurological or cognitive impairment often require a formal evaluation of drinking, chewing, and swallowing (called a dysphagia evaluation) by a speech-language pathologist prior to dietary modifications.
Created by a pediatric speech-language pathologist to both entertain and enhance language development in babies and toddlers ages 3 months to 36 months, The Baby Society is a DVD of entertaining, whimsical scenes and delightful music intended to foster a positive response to learning.