speech perception

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speech per·cep·tion

(spēch pĕr-sep'shŭn)
Identification of speech sounds, mainly from acoustic cues.
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Similarly, speech perception had a direct influence on reading development.
Section 5 contains a general discussion of the overall experimental results as well as their implications for a psychological model of speech perception.
Training sessions addressed topics relating to classroom acoustics, speech perception difficulties, suggestions for management, and practical demonstration of the sound-field amplification systems.
They assessed the children for "understanding of speech in conversation without lipreading" in an attempt to pinpoint indicators of speech perception.
Age at intervention and mode of communication (verbal or sign language) are the key determinants of subsequent speech perception in deaf children receiving cochlear implants, according to a study by UK investigators published in the August 5 issue of the Lancet.
Although they have only experienced the loss of hearing acuity and not speech perception, they begin to understand and develop empathy for the family member.
Despite the limited successes of the few, and despite the successes of the many on audiological tests of lesser importance, the performance of the cohort of interest on speech perception, production, and intelligibility is quite poor.
Precursors to language in preterm infants: speech perception abilities in the first year of life
Although the influence of context on speech perception was noted decades ago and has been extensively investigated behaviourally, we know little about the underlying neural mechanisms, and the functional levels at which such influences operate remain hotly debated.
Prof Sophie Scott, an expert in speech perception at University College London, said the findings supported and added to current knowledge.