speech pathology

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1. the branch of medicine treating of the essential nature of disease, especially of the changes in body tissues and organs that cause or are caused by disease.
2. the structural and functional manifestations of a disease. adj., adj patholog´ic, patholog´ical.
clinical pathology pathology applied to the solution of clinical problems, especially the use of laboratory methods in clinical diagnosis.
comparative pathology that which considers human disease processes in comparison with those of other animals.
experimental pathology the study of artificially induced pathologic processes.
oral pathology that which treats of conditions causing or resulting from morbid anatomic or functional changes in the structures of the mouth.
speech pathology (speech-language pathology) a field of the health sciences dealing with the evaluation of speech, language, and voice disorders and the rehabilitation of patients with such disorders not amenable to medical or surgical treatment. See also speech-language pathologist.
surgical pathology the pathology of disease processes that are surgically accessible for diagnosis or treatment.

speech pa·thol·o·gy

the science concerned with functional and organic speech defects and disorders.

speech pathology

The study of speech defects and disorders such as stuttering and dysphasia.

speech pathologist n.

speech pathology

A field of allied health care that evaluates abnormalities of language, speech, and voice, which may be developmental or acquired

speech-lan·guage pa·tho·lo·gy

(spēch-lang'gwăj pă-thol'ŏ-jē)
The science concerned with functional and organic speech defects and disorders of the organs of speech.
Synonym(s): speech pathology.
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The length of time that Rick was able to sustain appropriate participation in therapy continued to increase during the course of co-facilitated music therapy and speech pathology.
The speech pathology career choice literature has highlighted a number of possible factors relating to students' choice of speech pathology as a career, but this research has lacked any consistent or coherent theoretical framework.
Other aspects of clinical speech pathology also benefit from the use of advanced technology.
SEC is a leader in medical speech pathology, education, training, and business practices.
Regarding the patient's original complaint of a weak voice, further sessions with speech pathology were recommended.
A joint project of the Dietitians Association of Australia and The Speech Pathology Association of Australia Limited (Speech Pathology Australia) was undertaken to develop consensus standards for number of levels, labels and definitions of thickened fluids and texture-modified foods within the Australian context.
A panel of 28 experts representing 20 organisations/groups including consumers, education, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, and speech pathology formulated the recommendations.
That's when the therapists--like speech pathologists, who begin their clinical education in the UALR/UAMS Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology and its adjunct Speech and Hearing Clinic--work their miracles.
As a case in point, one state prescribed a caseload maximum of 70, approximately 50% over the state speech pathology and audiology alliance recommendations (Foulkes & Givler, 2000).
VANCOUVER -- New regulations will permit the privatization of health services such as respiratory therapy, speech pathology, CT scans and MRI, says the Health Services Association of BC.
This article discusses the role and conjoint uses of music therapy and speech pathology to aid the treatment of acquired neurological speech and language difficulties in children attending a rehabilitation unit.