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1. the branch of medicine treating of the essential nature of disease, especially of the changes in body tissues and organs that cause or are caused by disease.
2. the structural and functional manifestations of a disease. adj., adj patholog´ic, patholog´ical.
clinical pathology pathology applied to the solution of clinical problems, especially the use of laboratory methods in clinical diagnosis.
comparative pathology that which considers human disease processes in comparison with those of other animals.
experimental pathology the study of artificially induced pathologic processes.
oral pathology that which treats of conditions causing or resulting from morbid anatomic or functional changes in the structures of the mouth.
speech pathology (speech-language pathology) a field of the health sciences dealing with the evaluation of speech, language, and voice disorders and the rehabilitation of patients with such disorders not amenable to medical or surgical treatment. See also speech-language pathologist.
surgical pathology the pathology of disease processes that are surgically accessible for diagnosis or treatment.
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speech pa·thol·o·gy

the science concerned with functional and organic speech defects and disorders.
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speech pathology

The study of speech defects and disorders such as stuttering and dysphasia.

speech pathologist n.
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speech pathology

A field of allied health care that evaluates abnormalities of language, speech, and voice, which may be developmental or acquired
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speech-lan·guage pa·tho·lo·gy

(spēch-lang'gwăj pă-thol'ŏ-jē)
The science concerned with functional and organic speech defects and disorders of the organs of speech.
Synonym(s): speech pathology.
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A call for participants for the focus groups was placed via email with both Dietitians Association of Australia and Speech Pathology Australia.
Both Tracey's participation in sessions and her speech intelligibility were noted to improve with the use of joint music therapy and speech pathology. Increased motivation and enjoyment, particularly with the repetitious vocal I breathing exercises were noted.
As interest in speech pathology was growing, Soriano said, the discipline was evolving and adopting a biopsychosocial perspective.
"Carolina Speech Pathology is proud of our continuous growth and looks forward to sharing our 16 years of experience with dysphagia to help improve the lives of patients in Washington.
Holmes received her Master's degree in Speech Pathology from Douglass College and holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence as well as New Jersey licensure, and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.
Diagnosis and evaluation in speech pathology, 8th ed.
of Florida, Gainesville) and Jones (surgery, division of speech pathology and audiology, Duke U.) provide information for speech-language pathologists on swallowing disorders associated with movement disorders, and their symptoms, diagnosis, examination, assessment, and evidence-based management and treatment.
"Carolina Speech Pathology, LLC looks forward to bringing our 15 years of dysphagia therapy experience to the patients in this area.
Their topics include from alienation to therapeutic dialogue, product and process depictions of rapport between clients and their speech-language pathologists during clinical interactions, framing an approach for clinicians to overcome barriers to counseling, self-reflection in clinical practice, and an ecological perspective on burnout and self-care in the practice of speech pathology and audiology.
The evaluation of children with vocal disorders is considered from several perspectives, with material on emerging technology, speech pathology, quality of life instruments, and congenital anomalies.