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In the particular case of nonslanted reflection gratings embedded in media with different refractive indices, this strategy is no longer valid, since the reflected diffractive beam interferes with the specularly reflected beam at the first interface.
The solar radiation pressure model is modified so as to include the absorbed, the specularly reflected, and the diffusely reflected into the model.
Radiant interchange among curved specularly reflecting surfaces--application to cylindrical and conical cavities.
Is it transparent or opaque, specularly or diffusely reflecting?
Guivarc'h flopped specularly at St James' Park and when Rangers came calling a second time he again knocked them back in the hope that another English club would come in for him.
The amount of light that is reflected specularly depends on the index of refraction and the smoothness of the surface.
Clearly, for such an antenna, the orientation of the antenna face should be controlled so that the antenna surface is never seen specularly in the threat zone (that may well require the beam to be squinted away from the normal to the array surface).
An extension of the radiosity method is presented that rigorously accounts for the presence of a small number of specularly reflecting surfaces in an otherwise diffuse scene, and for the presence of a small number of specular or ideal diffuse transmitters.
Development of a substance that would reflect them specularly would be a technological achievement of very high magnitude and many possible uses.
Then it is seen that the effect of sinusoidal corrugation for the grating is noticeable in the reflection region 90[degrees] < [theta] < 180[degrees] and the far field intensity has sharp peaks at two particular observation angles around the specularly reflected direction at [theta] = [pi] - [[theta].sub.0](= 120[degrees]).
The glossmeter used photoelectric measurement of specularly reflected light from the surface.
For textured (and hence rather rough) surfaces, the measured gloss contains specularly reflected light as well as a significant contribution of the diffuse reflectance.