specular image

spec·u·lar im·age

the image of a source of light made visible by the reflection from a mirror.
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Lacan's notion that human misrecognition of a specular image as itself produces the fictional direction of the ego, Nusselder suggests can be updated to account for the lure presented by virtual identities accessible via digital technologies, for example, through an email presence or an avatar (5-6).
The boy seeks in this seemingly objective specular image the visible evidence of his identity - a sign or mark which might brand him indisputably as either black or white.
Like any specular image, our desire constructs a semblance of the real, one which may be more or less consonant with its reflected subject.
Roberta represents a powerful specular image of the ideal of a unified gestalt to which Agustin aspires and which, in fact, he lacks.
4 can be compared with the specular images of scratches on black and white ABS samples in Fig.