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Relating to or performed by means of a spectroscope.


Relating to or performed by means of a spectroscope.
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This dwarf star was selected from SDSS/BOSS as a metal-poor candidate and follow-up spectroscopic observations at medium-resolution were obtained with ISIS at William Herschel Telescope and OSIRIS at Gran Telescopio de Canarias," the researchers wrote in the paper.
describe the development of a mid-IR spectroscopic database using the soil and data held in the ASRIS and the National Soil Archive.
The "UNECS-3000A" automatic high-speed spectroscopic ellipsometer combines the ultra-fast measuring capabilities of "UNECS-2000" high-speed spectroscopic ellipsometer with an automatic mapping function that can handle 300 mm diameter substrates, thus enabling greatly enhanced measurement of film thickness distribution.
But make no mistake: spectroscopic results can be just as captivating as color images of celestial objects.
Lamost, in Yinglong Station near Beijing, is a new type of segmented reflector telescope for spectroscopic surveying.
Any sort of spectroscopic instrument can be used to obtain the spectral data, and this new method and software can be incorporated into existing devices with little or no instrument modification, the university says.
Spectroscopic reflectometry is used to measure the internal reflectance of thin films, from which the thickness and refractive index can be obtained.
They used MRI, 3-D magnetic resonance spectroscopic techniques, and spectroscopic and diffusion tensor imaging to prospectively examine the brains of 29 term infants with transposition of the great arteries, 12 with single-ventricle physiology, and 16 normal term infants.
It supplies fiber-optic spectroscopic instruments for process analysis by pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers.
Recorded by NASA's orbiting Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager, the X rays pulsed in sync with the star's 7.56-second rotation.
It details developments in spectroscopic, chromatographic and microscopic techniques that offer new levels of structural awareness.
The study, "Clinical Validation of a Novel Raman Spectroscopic Technology to Non-Invasively Assess Carotenoid Status in Humans," was presented by Dr.

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