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Relating to or performed by means of a spectroscope.


Relating to or performed by means of a spectroscope.
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And unlike astrometry, the spectroscopic method does not depend on how far from Earth the star resides--if it's bright enough.
Since this discovery, the researchers have analyzed the carbon polymer and its diamond-like product using a variety of spectroscopic techniques.
The Harvard confocal light scattering spectroscopic (CLSS) microscope achieves pictures of 100-nm organelles with 5-nm accuracy, allowing it to look for clumping of the genetic material known as chromatin, an early sign of cancer, inside the cell nucleus.
Aguado of the University of La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain, has performed a comprehensive study of spectroscopic data provided by various instruments.
Tenders are invited for Delivery, set-up and instruction in a high-temperature gas chromatograph with column switching technology for multidimensional chromatography and coupled flame ionization and mass spectroscopic detection to the bsh laboratory in hamburg-slldorf
Thermo Scientific RadHalo RDP and FM Spectroscopic Area Monitors are the first products in a new line of area monitors for radiation detection and identification that eliminate the operational requirements for nuclear power and emergency response personnel.
of Technology Sydney) present a textbook for intermediate or advanced undergraduate courses on deriving structural information from spectroscopic data, an integral part of organic chemistry.
B&W Tek's spectroscopic probe mounts directly to a standard microscope to add spectroscopic function with minimal alteration to the microscope's optical path.
is pleased to announce that it has developed and will begin sale of the "UNECS-3000A" Spectroscopic Ellipsometer, which can measure the thinness of a thin film and optical constant.
Here chemists from both realms look at spectroscopic theory for chemical imaging, hardware, biomedical applications, pharmaceutical applications, applications in food research, applications in polymer research, and special methods.
Washington, August 28 (ANI): A team of US and Japanese scientists has shown for the first time that the spectroscopic "fingerprint" of high-temperature superconductivity remains intact well above the super chilly temperatures at which these materials carry current with no resistance.
Laboratory spectroscopic reflectometry is a niche market within the surface metrology market.

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