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The procedure of photographing or tracing a spectrum.
[spectro- + G. graphō, to write]
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The plan calls for the completion of approximately 50 drill holes totaling at least 12,000 feet of reverse circulation drilling, close-spaced aero-magnetic/gamma ray spectrography and metallurgical testing.
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrography has become essential to research in chemistry over the last decade or so, and it promises to contribute to more extraordinary advances in the near future, if upcoming researchers receive sufficient training to use it wisely and well.
The technology behind liquid chromatograpy and mass spectrography (LC-MS) has matured to the point where applications have become the focus of the most exciting research.
THEMIS has been able to provide unprecedented spectrography of Mars, giving scientists an unprecedented look at the surface of Mars, and the BladeRack has given the Mars Space Facility the ability to stitch and smooth the images into a seamless vision of the surface.
The film will transport audiences into the hidden realm of a very familiar environment and take them on an eye-opening adventure through the use of 3D macrophotography, thermal spectrography, electron microscopy and digital compositing in combinations never-before-attempted for the giant screen.