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The procedure of photographing or tracing a spectrum.
[spectro- + G. graphō, to write]
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From the collected vocal samples, the perceptive-auditory voice evaluation and the acoustic spectrography were performed by three expert Speech, Hearing and Language therapists.
While real time spectrography, power spectra, and EGG signals (such as VoceVista provides) remain the most useful technological tools for voice lesson applications, the new Madde synthesizer--with its keyboard array of formants, harmonics, and their interactions--is brilliant for displaying and explaining voice acoustics to pedagogy students, musicians, or anyone familiar with a keyboard.
A significant update from a 1982 text because of new technologies, chapters discuss examination using conventional methods, endoscopy, acoustic measurements and sound spectrography, and frequency measurement; analysis using digital signal processing; characterization and acoustic description of commonly occurring sound signals (types of cry, stridor, and cough); and finally airway and nervous anomalies associated with pathologic sound production.
In the study discussed, 550 female voice professionals were questioned and tested by means of videostroboscopy and spectrography at various points of their menstrual cycle over the course of three cycles.
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrography has become essential to research in chemistry over the last decade or so, and it promises to contribute to more extraordinary advances in the near future, if upcoming researchers receive sufficient training to use it wisely and well.
The strength of each harmonic can be measured by conducting routine spectrography on the acoustic signal radiated from the mouth and picked up by a microphone.
The technology behind liquid chromatograpy and mass spectrography (LC-MS) has matured to the point where applications have become the focus of the most exciting research.