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An instrument used to display or record spectra, as from electromagnetic or sound waves.


(spĕk′trō-grăf) [″ + Gr. graphein, to write]
An instrument designed to photograph spectra on a sensitive photographical plate.

mass spectrograph

A device that separates ions of different masses by employing a magnetic field to deflect them as they travel along a given path.
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Optical fibers that are pretested for FRD performance can reduce the time and cost of developing new spectrographs, said Tichindelean.
I recently joined the ranks of amateur spectroscopists by acquiring a LISA spectrograph from Shelyak.
All of these campaigns benefit from the emergence of off-the-shelf spectrographs.
The SOPHIE spectrograph was already playing an important role in the characterization of Kepler planets by unveiling the true nature of the candidates and measuring the mass of giant planets.
manufacturers began producing spectrographs using grating instead of a prism as the dispersing element.
The new instruments, a spectrograph with two-dimensional detectors and a near-infrared camera, are expected to be 30 to 40 times more efficient and powerful than the old ones, so astronomers can peer back into the universe practically to the beginning of time.
To correct the blurred images, the mirrors block off the aberrated rays and redirect corrected beams through apertures on the Hubble's spectrographs and cameras.
This spectrograph makes observations a lot easier and much more efficient, especially because less observation time is required to cover a large spectral range," explained Sana.
That need is now satisfied with the High Speed Electro-Mechanical Shutter for Imaging Spectrographs developed by Quang-Viet Nguyen at NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio.
Spectrographs aboard the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer and the Hubble Space Telescope are ideal for such studies, says Savage.
A century later, high-efficiency CCD spectrographs allow today's amateurs to obtain high-quality spectra from their backyards, using telescopes no larger than the ubiquitous 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain.
American Holographic's components and modules are used to enable fiber-optic communications, optical test equipment, pulse compression, spectrographs and a wide variety of other industrial, research and scientific applications.