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An instrument used to display or record spectra, as from electromagnetic or sound waves.


(spĕk′trō-grăf) [″ + Gr. graphein, to write]
An instrument designed to photograph spectra on a sensitive photographical plate.

mass spectrograph

A device that separates ions of different masses by employing a magnetic field to deflect them as they travel along a given path.
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Optical fibers that are pretested for FRD performance can reduce the time and cost of developing new spectrographs, said Tichindelean.
CHESS is equipped with what's known as a spectrograph, which can parse out just how much of any given wavelength of light is present.
Tau Bootis b does not transit in front of its parent star from our viewpoint on Earth, but Lockwood and colleagues were able to tease out the weak light emitted by the planet using the Near Infrared Echelle Spectrograph (NIRSPEC) at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii.
3) For several years now they have been developing spectrographs suitable for amateur use.
Early test results show the spectrograph, disabled by a power failure five years ago, was brought back to life.
According to CNN, spectrographs can cost as much as the award itself ($100,000).
Then, the crew will install a sensitive ultraviolet spectrograph and a new infrared camera and attempt to repair a spectrograph that has stopped working.
Adopting a vacuum spectrograph, the system requires no deoxygenization process so that it can start analysis in 10 minutes after it is switched on.
The spectrograph will capture the metals and segregate them," he explains.
7 m grazing-incidence spectrograph to record the first high-resolution spectrum of [Xe.
Ideal for demanding color applications, a built-in spectrograph detects even the smallest color deviations.
This latest imaging system has the newest imaging spectrograph and halogen and fluorescent lamps, all packaged in one unit that sits above a motorized positioning table where product is placed.