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A graphic representation of a spectrum.
[spectro- + G. gramma, something written]

spectrogram (spekˑ·tr·gram),

n a pictorial representation in the form of a graph or diagram that illustrates the results produced by the spectroscopic analysis of a particular substance.
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At the bottom, the spectrogram indicates the greater length of the stressed syllable (Roach, 2009).
At that temperature it revealed its presence on the spectrogram.
Despite using the long-period seismograph, there is often a constant plateau at the spectrograms in the range of periods over 50 s and the maximum of amplitudes has no meaning.
The resulting colorful frequency-versus-time spectrogram represents a unique voice-print of the drug used on the cells.
Numbers associated with each spectrogram identify the sampling point and individual.
Hybrid Wiener spectrogram filter (HWSF) for effective noise reduction, followed by a multiblade[8].
Spectral profiles were constructed using the spectrogram slice view at the center of each pulse train, except for the female chirps.
2) These labs and the ones that followed them introduced a new generation of teachers to the uses of the spectrum and the spectrogram in training singers.
To give more insight into the advantage of the modified HHT, the STFT spectrogram of the same signal near the first harmonic is shown in Figure 5 for the comparison between two time-frequency transforms.
Figure 2 shows the spectrograms of the fully- voiced closure of a [g] in the [aga] context.
They used computer programs to analyze the spectrograms of the film soundtracks showing frequencies of sounds over time and create a visual tapestry of the sounds.
Hence the current variations related to the welding machine are detailed using the spectral approaches like spectrograms and Power Spectral Analysis (PSD) method.