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A graphic representation of a spectrum.
[spectro- + G. gramma, something written]
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It is important that the phase information obtained by STFT is for the most part not considered when using the spectrogram shown in (3).
First, when generated from a vocal glide, the spectrogram will
2(a) presents a spectrogram of an impaired brain activity on channel C3 while in Fig.
Figures 11, 12, and 13 speech of the source speaker, respectively, and the target speaker is based on the speech spectrogram STRAIGHT and convert speech GMM model obtained.
At the same time, no regularities in the spectral composition of the AE hits are observed on the obtained spectrogram (Figure 3(b)) without additional processing.
To accurately quantify the signal which has been roughly identified in the time-frequency spectrogram, this study used the ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD) method which is developed based on the class empirical mode decomposition (EMD) method.
The spectrogram is the evolution of the spectrogram coefficients over time and is a TF feature of the signal.
(a) Excitation (left) and emission (right) spectrogram of RB (film thickness: 92 [+ or -] 2 nm) and Ag@Si[O.sub.2]@RB (film thickness: 90 [+ or -] 2 nm); emission spectrogram is got in [[lambda].sub.ex] = 560 nm.
Example spectrograms of a male call followed by buzzer response detected simultaneously by (A) accelerometer, and (B) contact microphone on the microcontroller platform.
Very surprisingly, on one coude spectrogram obtained with Haute Provence Observatory's 76-inch reflector, this star showed bright lines of neutral potassium, at wavelengths of 7665 and 7699 angstroms.