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A graphic representation of a spectrum.
[spectro- + G. gramma, something written]

spectrogram (spekˑ·tr·gram),

n a pictorial representation in the form of a graph or diagram that illustrates the results produced by the spectroscopic analysis of a particular substance.
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The spectrogram of /kh/ above indicates that there is a positive long VOT of 101 ms.
Example spectrograms of a male call followed by buzzer response detected simultaneously by (A) accelerometer, and (B) contact microphone on the microcontroller platform.
7 (2016), and acoustic measurements were obtained from zero-crossings spectrograms on the same software.
Figure 14 shows the SPL waveform and Spectrogram in the impact zone for different fill levels at 0.
At the bottom, the spectrogram indicates the greater length of the stressed syllable (Roach, 2009).
Examples of (A) strong and (B) weak spectrograms of courtship-associated sounds (CASs) made by black grouper (Mycteroperca bonaci) and collected by a digital spectrogram recorder at Bajo de Sico, Puerto Rico, in 2013.
Figure (14a), figure (14a), and figure (14c) show the Spectrogram of Person 1, Person 2, and Person 3 respectively.
In the narrow-band spectrogram, the following aspects were evaluated: color tracing intensity in the high frequencies and in all the vocal spectrum; presence of noise among the harmonics; definition of harmonics; tracing regularity, number of harmonics and presence of sub-harmonics [7,13].
Other necessary analysis, such as transmit tests, VSWR and Return Loss measurements, Pass/Fail limit values, spectrum measurements and Spectrogram measurement can be conducted with the solution.
In this spectrogram, recorded in 2002, white represents the loudest sounds and black the quietest.
Then, the spectral bases of both speech and noise are together used to span the magnitude spectrogram of speech.