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Using "ghostliness" as a metaphor to extract social meaning, Derrida has informed many theoretical interpretations of social conflict, as he invokes the notion of spectrality to represent lapses in historical consciousness.
Therefore, this article will first discuss the neo-slave narrative as a subgenre within neo-Victorian studies to see to which extent tropes of neo-Victorianism such as traces of the past, ventriloquism or spectrality can be found in the novel while at the same time rewriting the story of a slave woman.
In this vein, we suggest that Jean and John Comaroff's work could be productively read in light of the spectrality of the continuum between lawmaking and law-preserving violence--encapsulated in the idea of the "police"--that haunts Benjamin's text.
Moreover, the editors provide not only an engaging introduction on a history of spectral criticism in the Transhispanic context, they also introduce each section of the volume with an explanation of the ways in which spectrality is studied in the chapters that comprise that unit.
The prominence of the trope of haunting and spectrality in contemporary Canadian literature has been discussed by many scholars in the twenty-first century, including the contributors to the two special issues of Mosaic edited by Dawne McCance under the titles of Haunting I: The Specter (2001) and Haunting II: Citations (2002), the Spring 2006 issue of the University of Toronto Quarterly, edited by Marlene Goldman and Joanne Saul, and the special issue of Ariel edited by Pamela McCallum under the title of Postcolonial Hauntings (2006).
She argues that by uniting flesh and spirit, the specimen-solder epitomized the ideal love object Whitman conjured throughout Leaves of Grass--not yet a corpse, but already something beyond human, a creature all the more treasured for his ephemerality and spectrality. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
'The highest form of ideology does not reside in getting caught in ideological spectrality, forgetting about its foundation in real people and their relations, but precisely in overlooking this Real of spectrality and in pretending to address 'real people with their real worries" (Zizek, 2008a: 13).
"Spectrality and the Postregional Interface." Postwestern Cultures: Literature, Theory, Space.
Indeed, it is perhaps precisely this inherent inability of definition that causes a certain paradox to emerge: the metaphysical spectrality of the eternal now exists in a conflicting relationship with the sheer weight of reality it seems to carry.
While Romero's zombie film is a commentary on the Iraq War (and its digital images), World War I poetry, and films like J'accuse (1919), also have a cinematic spectrality that leaves readers/viewers with images of revenant soldiers haunting civilian life.
To the best of my knowledge, there are just two clear instances of spectrality in Galloway's short fiction, both from her first collection Blood (1991): namely, "Scenes from the Life No.