spectral sensitivity

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spec·tral sen·si·tiv·i·ty

the reciprocal of the amount of monochromatic radiation that produces a fixed response.
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The importance of reflectance ranges outside the visible wavelengths when prospecting for features is not a new discovery, but this paper has shown that the increased spectral sensitivity of airborne platforms when compared with the broad bands of satellite sensors is of particular advantage in environments where proxy vegetation features are scarcely observed.
Even if insect spectral sensitivity is taken into account, visibility alone is insufficient to explain the attractiveness of a lamp.
The linearization of camera's spectral sensitivity was also one of the prerequisites (RGB separation) because it was necessary to check if the camera's CCD is sensitive to all colors equally.
To address this issue, electro-retinography was used to measure the changes in retinal light sensitivity, flicker fusion frequency, and spectral sensitivity in black rockfish (Sebastes melanops) subjected to rapid decompression (from 4 atmospheres absolute [ATA] to 1 ATA) and Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) exposed to 15 minutes of simulated sunlight.
The photopic spectral sensitivity of domestic ducks and turkeys was determined using an operant psychophysical technique.
Visual topics include a model of the propagation of visual signals, color discrimination, visual communication is Elasmobranchs, perceptions of like fish, UV communication, pigments in deep water, spectral sensitivity, and photoreception without images while those on electric communication include measuring and visualizing fields, plasticity of the electric organ discharge waveform, evolution of signals, social signals during courtship, integration with other senses and the neuroethology of senders and receivers.
Plates with red characters, such as thiose used in Illinois, still give systems trouble due to the spectral sensitivity of cameras.
A comprehensive understanding of the spectral sensitivity of a polymeric system has many practical implications in product development, including the selection of pigments, light absorbers, and other additives.
The devices operate in the 3 to 5V range with a spectral sensitivity range of 350 to 1050 nm.
In what Muntz says is the only behavioral study of spectral sensitivity in a deep-sea animal, he found that the nautilus seems to have only one light-absorbing pigment, which is most sensitive to blue light.
Filtron[TM] allows the closest ambient light spectral sensitivity to real human eye responses and offers the best background light cancellation capability (including sunlight) without utilization of the microcontroller's resources.

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