spectral sensitivity

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spec·tral sen·si·tiv·i·ty

the reciprocal of the amount of monochromatic radiation that produces a fixed response.
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The spectral sensitivity of the scanners must be in a wavelength range from long-wave uv to near-infrared (380 nm to 900 nm).
Opsin is the protein component of visual pigment, and its amino acid sequence primarily determines the spectral sensitivity of visual pigments.
The device is available with monochrome spectral sensitivity in both sealed and taped glass configurations.
the spectral sensitivity optimized for visible light is particularly noteworthy, with a maximum sensitivity of 620 nanometers.
The device's Filtron technology enables ambient light spectral sensitivity close to that of the human eye while offering excellent background light cancellation capabilities.
Colour vision impairment is substantiated by spectral sensitivity measures, which is assessed and evaluated against the control group.
Using the spectral sensitivity and an overall response function for the human circadian system, (7,8) it is possible to calculate for any spectral power distribution (SPD) a circadian stimulus (CS) value.
In particular, we used Slavich PFG03C, ultra-fine grained panchromatic plates with an average grain size of 10 nm, and resolving power of approximately 5000 lines/mm, the spectral sensitivity of this film range up to 700 nm.
Utilizing high magnetic fields can enhance the spectral sensitivity of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS).
Study lead author Anders Garm, an associate professor in the department of biology at the University of Copenhagen studied their spectral sensitivity, meaning what colors of light they see, and found that they don't have color vision.

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