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Relating to a spectrum.
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Relating to a spectrum.
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1. Relating or belonging to a spectrum.
2. Relating to wavelength.
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Q. What is the difference between autism, and autism spectrum? Doctor states my child is autistic, school says he has autism spectrum disorder. What is the difference? Can medication help with any of this?

A. i agree with Lilian- it's just a way for schools to keep their behinds clean...

Q. What is a "spectrum disorder" mean? I just heard/read about spectrum disorder, What is a "spectrum disorder" mean?

A. Autism is a spectrum disorder where symptoms and characteristics can present themselves in a wide variety of combinations, from mild to severe and in any combination. A high functioning individual with autism might simply seem eccentric, a loner. More severely affected individuals may hardly communicate and prefer to function primarily in "their own world". Most individuals fall in the middle of the spectrum.

Q. What shall I do with my 3 years old son with autism spectrum disorder. What shall I do with my 3 years old son with autism spectrum disorder to increase on his Sensory Integration. I feel therapy is too costly to afford….Is there any alternative.

A. there are some computer software that can do that too, and it doesn't cost all that much.they combine hearing- seeing and feeling.
i saw a computer USB contraption that also work int hat method and i think it costs 150-200 $ ...not sure....

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"The question we set out to answer is: can we apply spectral techniques to predict photosynthetic capacity when we have genetically altered the photosynthetic machinery.
Megan Corbin's chapter on "Spectral Presences and Metaphoric Re-memberings" deftly discusses the testimonial power and phantasmal presence of objects and body parts belonging to the disappeared in Argentina and Chile's military dictatorships as evidenced in different types of cultural production from the two countries.
Through its 16-bit DAC current drivers, users can achieve a spectral accuracy greater than [+ or -]0.25nm.
For the first time, color specifiers and manufacturers will have instant access to upto-date spectral values for Pantone Colors for plastics, coatings and textiles, including the Pantone Color of the Year 2018: PANTONE 18-3838, Ultra Violet.
While different manufacturers use different names--dual-energy, spectral CT and spectral imaging--and different underlying technologies, the latest iteration's purpose is inherently similar: simultaneously using two different energy settings to capture images that enable radiologists to differentiate tissues and pathologies based on their energy-related attenuation characteristics, or materials density.
Andrew Boorn, CEO & Chairman at Tornado Spectral Systems states, "At Tornado, we are intensely focused on both the user experience and data integrity.
Henceforth, unless specified otherwise, A is supposed to be a scalar type spectral operator in a complex Banach space (X, [parallel]*[parallel]) and [E.sub.A](*) is supposed to be its strongly o-additive spectral measure (the resolution of the identity) assigning to each Borel set [delta] of the complex plane C a projection operator [E.sub.A] ([delta]) on X and having the operator's spectrum [sigma](A) as its support [6, 7].
For example, in RS images, it is reasonable to assume that samples are likely to have similar labels, if they have close spectral information or if they are neighbours spatially.
Dual-energy spectral CT simultaneously acquired the raw data per location at two different energies (80 and 140 kVp) in a single 360[degrees] gantry rotation.
The potential of spectral imaging technologies has been shown in many fields, such as medicine, life science and industry where the spectrum has been used, for example, to differentiate healthy and unhealthy tissue or separate real and counterfeit objects.
We also use bit per joule metric in this study, since our focus is to obtain energy efficient methods for increasingly high demands of spectral efficiency.