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Relating to a spectrum.


/spec·tral/ (spek´tral) pertaining to a spectrum; performed by means of a spectrum.


Relating to a spectrum.


1. Relating or belonging to a spectrum.
2. Relating to wavelength.

Patient discussion about spectral

Q. What is the difference between autism, and autism spectrum? Doctor states my child is autistic, school says he has autism spectrum disorder. What is the difference? Can medication help with any of this?

A. i agree with Lilian- it's just a way for schools to keep their behinds clean...

Q. What is a "spectrum disorder" mean? I just heard/read about spectrum disorder, What is a "spectrum disorder" mean?

A. Autism is a spectrum disorder where symptoms and characteristics can present themselves in a wide variety of combinations, from mild to severe and in any combination. A high functioning individual with autism might simply seem eccentric, a loner. More severely affected individuals may hardly communicate and prefer to function primarily in "their own world". Most individuals fall in the middle of the spectrum.

Q. What shall I do with my 3 years old son with autism spectrum disorder. What shall I do with my 3 years old son with autism spectrum disorder to increase on his Sensory Integration. I feel therapy is too costly to afford….Is there any alternative.

A. there are some computer software that can do that too, and it doesn't cost all that much.they combine hearing- seeing and feeling.
i saw a computer USB contraption that also work int hat method and i think it costs 150-200 $ ...not sure....

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But she saw Comanche begin to struggle again, and clear on her vision, it seemed, was the spectral arm of her father clutching the reins and dragging the animal over.
In this order--and still, in his earnest inspection, holding his candle very close to the guest; now making him feel extremely warm about the legs, now threatening to set his wig on fire, and constantly begging his pardon with great awkwardness and embarrassment--John led the party to the best bedroom, which was nearly as large as the chamber from which they had come, and held, drawn out near the fire for warmth, a great old spectral bedstead, hung with faded brocade, and ornamented, at the top of each carved post, with a plume of feathers that had once been white, but with dust and age had now grown hearse-like and funereal.
Saunterers pricked up their attention to observe it; busy people, crossing it, slackened their pace and turned their heads; companions pausing and standing aside, whispered one another to look at this spectral woman who was coming by; and the sweep of the figure as it passed seemed to create a vortex, drawing the most idle and most curious after it.
he cried, starting up in bed, and fixing his eyes upon her spectral face.
The spectral test station delivers discreet, high purity wavelength bands to devices under test.
5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Tornado Spectral Systems Inc.
Spectral MD's imaging solution is a non-invasive technology, uses no harmful radiation such as X-rays, and its portability allows for access to patients in most patient care environments.
Since filter combinations are to be used to realize this square-shape band-pass function, the spectral mismatch errors are large.
This reference for students, engineers, and academics covers all aspects of digital spectral analysis.
Any sort of spectroscopic instrument can be used to obtain the spectral data, and this new method and software can be incorporated into existing devices with little or no instrument modification, the university says.
Based on Headwall's patented, aberration-corrected concentric design, Hyperspec offers exceptional spectral imaging and spatial uniformity within a wide field of view.
He provides essential mathematical background for discussing spectral methods, then delves into spectral logic and its applications, covering various transforms for multiple-valued functions, polynomial expressions and representations for switching and multiple-value functions, spectral analysis of Boolean functions, and spectral synthesis and optimization of combinatorial and sequential devices.