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Relating to a spectrum.


/spec·tral/ (spek´tral) pertaining to a spectrum; performed by means of a spectrum.


Relating to a spectrum.


1. Relating or belonging to a spectrum.
2. Relating to wavelength.

Patient discussion about spectral

Q. What is the difference between autism, and autism spectrum? Doctor states my child is autistic, school says he has autism spectrum disorder. What is the difference? Can medication help with any of this?

A. i agree with Lilian- it's just a way for schools to keep their behinds clean...

Q. What is a "spectrum disorder" mean? I just heard/read about spectrum disorder, What is a "spectrum disorder" mean?

A. Autism is a spectrum disorder where symptoms and characteristics can present themselves in a wide variety of combinations, from mild to severe and in any combination. A high functioning individual with autism might simply seem eccentric, a loner. More severely affected individuals may hardly communicate and prefer to function primarily in "their own world". Most individuals fall in the middle of the spectrum.

Q. What shall I do with my 3 years old son with autism spectrum disorder. What shall I do with my 3 years old son with autism spectrum disorder to increase on his Sensory Integration. I feel therapy is too costly to afford….Is there any alternative.

A. there are some computer software that can do that too, and it doesn't cost all that much.they combine hearing- seeing and feeling.
i saw a computer USB contraption that also work int hat method and i think it costs 150-200 $ ...not sure....

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However for most problems in complex geometries it is both inefficient and disadvantageous to seek special sets of spectral expansion functions.
To use the VXR as a radiance detector, it must be calibrated using a known source of spectral radiance.
However, these technologies are often too slow to capture spectral images from dynamic objects.
Spectral remote sensing is a task that contains a large volume of data, regularly redundant.
In the current work, three speech enhancement methods namely Wiener filter, spectral subtraction and subspace method are systematically compared using cochlear implant simulations to fully assess the effect of spectral shift on these three speech enhancement methods.
The Philips IQon Spectral CT is the world's first and only spectral detector CT, designed specifically for spectral imaging.
Founded in 2010, Tornado Spectral Systems designs, manufactures, and sells dispersive optical spectrometers primarily for Raman spectroscopy and spectral-domain optical coherence tomography.
The fundamental problem of approximation of a function by interpolation on an interval paved way for the spectral methods which are found to be successful for the numerical solution of ordinary and partial differential equations.
studied the time-splitting spectral discretizations of Schrodinger equation for s = O(1) which did not give any clue about the semiclassical limit.
Use of a spectrometer to evaluate the target objects Or materials lets researchers find spectral deltas between the target and the surrounding background.
Specifically, in the wavelength range of 400-900 nm, they were similar in the spectral difference and change rate.
The CIE standardized rectangular-shape UV-A function can be realized only with large spectral mismatch errors.