spectacle plane

spec·ta·cle plane

the plane at which spectacles are worn.
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[1,2,3,4,5] Then evolved the apodized multifocal IOL with +3D add at the spectacle plane yielding spectacle independence in 88% of patients.
(1) The effective treatment calculated at the corneal plane (taking into account the preoperative and postoperative spectacle refraction, converted at the corneal plane with the formula [23] SE corneal plane = SE spectacle plane/[1 - (0.012 x SE spectacle plane)]) was added to the Kpost.
For near-magnification tasks, spectacle-mounted telescopes offer a hands-free solution at a longer working distance compared to a spectacle lens magnifier (defined as the addition or incorporation of increased plus power in the spectacle plane).
Residual refraction also occurs, for example, when an eye, corrected in the spectacle plane, is unstable owing to cyclotorsion [4].
Spectacle magnification in its simplest form refers to magnification achieved by incorporating a lens in the spectacle plane. With optical magnification of this nature, an emmetropic patient will be working at or slightly within the focal length of the positive lens magnifier.