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Application of anti-DFS70 antibody and specific autoantibody test algorithms to patients with the dense fine speckled pattern on Hep-2 cells.
Later in 1963 during a study on 120 patients of DLE, Rowell found distinct clinical and serological findings in 4 female patients having EM-like lesions, positive RF, positive anti-SjT (analogous to anti-Ro/La antibody) and speckled pattern of ANA.
Then the part is cut off of the build plate and re-imaged with the projected speckled pattern.
4 mg/dL), creatine kinase 1489 U/L (normal: 60-400 U/L), positive at 1:640 dilutions of antinuclear antibodies (ANAs) in speckled pattern (normal: <1:40), complement 3 level 19.
The most frequent ANA patterns were coarse speckled pattern (154 patients, 31.
Unless you are someone who carries a bottle of glass cleaner in a holster on your belt, you will see a speckled pattern.
The resulting patterns have a distinctive speckled pattern.
A fine speckled pattern was observed at serum dilutions of 1:80, 1:160, and 1:320, which pointed to the prozone (hook) effect as the cause of the false-negative result.
In the past four years, the patient did not complain of other characteristic symptoms (dry mouth or eye dryness) of SS and the only positive finding was elevated antinuclear antibodies (ANA), 1:320, speckled pattern altogether with a negative rheumatoid factor.
7) Wang, et al, however, found that only five of 10 patients with lupus serositis has a homogenous staining pattern, and the other five had a speckled pattern.