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Paraffin blocks corresponding to the specimen pairs were obtained, and 4 X 20 [micro]m sections were pooled into a single tube.
As the spray painting provides smaller dots compared to the other two patterns, and the camera resolution may not have been sufficient to capture the small-sized dots, the spray painting pattern was scaled appropriately to each specimen. It should not be too small as aliases will occur and not too large as the sub-set may be entirely in a black or white area and there will be many other similar spots on the specimen.
Fortunately, the same barcode scanners nurses use for BCMA can be used for barcode specimen collection.
In general, the shrinkage recorded on each ring specimen is the average recorded on the three DEMEC gage point locations (inner, mid-width, and outer).
Pre-4 Specimen. As displayed in Figure 4, few cracks formed on Pre-4 specimen.
The lateral supports are provided at regular spaced intervals to ensure that the specimen will fail in crushing instead of buckling.
To conduct testing of the specimen on a reaction frame, the 4 sides were simply supported using hinges specially fabricated for the experiment.
Results of testing conducted at BPHL suggest that urine might be the preferred specimen type to identify acute Zika virus disease.
This department was selected due to the high volumes of biopsies obtained from oncology patients in one procedure, with this identified in literature as posing an increased risk of specimen handling errors (Kim et al, 2013; Sehgal, Booth, & Cameron, 2012).
The produced soilcrete specimens were made as cylinders of 35 mm in diameter and 70 mm in height (LST EN 12716:2003).
Breast health company Atossa Genetics (NASDAQ:ATOS) disclosed on Wednesday that it has completed the acquisition of a specimen bank from Dr.