n curative technique that advocates selecting homeopathic remedies without regard to a particular person's reactions to the illness but simply by the organ or tissue to which the remedy has an affinity. This application of these remedies does not follow the basic tenants of homeopathy. See also homeopathic pathological prescribing and specific.

Patient discussion about specifism

Q. What Causes Specific Abdominal Pain? Everytime I go see a doctor when I have abdominal pains he tells me I probably have gastroenteritis. How does he know that it's not something else for instance, appendicitis, just by examining my abdomen?

A. whats the symptoms of ovarian cyst?

Q. Is Vitiligo caused due to any specific diet? Some people say that vitiligo is caused when we eat fish/chicken and curd together is it true??

A. No it is not write. Although the real causes of vitilgo are not fully understood by anyone. But Many dermatologist say that auto-immunity and second one is inheritance may involve in vitiligo (http://www.antivitiligo.com/).
Also some diet containing specific nutrients may be useful for handling vitiligo.

Q. HIV - does it infect specific Blood Types? A friend of mine joined the army and they took him to an experiment and infected him with HIV. But he was not infected- he said because he has a certain blood type. Is this true?

A. HIV, as all other viruses need specific cells,s surface proteins which called receptors,in case of HIV these receptors are found in certain WBCs that known as T-helper cells which named as T4 cells. All humans have these T4 cells but some people lack the receptor that necessary for virus attachment and pentration of the cell which leeds to the inablity of the virus to cause infection and become a target for the immune system. But they c can infect other suseptable people.

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Meanwhile, the Kurds of Syria, who were the first to clash with the Assad regime in 2004, have spared no occasion to reaffirm their keenness on their specifism and particularity within the revolution.
The public health perspective and what the authors term cost-benefit specifism are then examined.