specialized transduction

(redirected from specific transduction)

spe·cial·ized trans·duc·tion

transduction in which the bacteriophage strain is able to transfer only some, or only one, of the donor bacterium genes.

specialized transduction

TRANSDUCTION in which a restricted region of the donor genome, immediately adjacent to the PROPHAGE integration site, is transferred to the recipient. It is carried out by certain TEMPERATE PHAGES that integrate the prophage into the host DNA to establish LYSOGENY. Imprecise excision of the integrated prophage from the host DNA during induction of the LYTIC CYCLE results in excision of a small segment of bacterial DNA attached to the phage DNA. This is packaged into the bacteriophage and transferred to the recipient.
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Future studies on cell signaling are essential to determine how variations in specific transduction signals may lead to a number of medical conditions including cancer, congenital disorders, autoimmunity, immunodeficiency, and degenerative disorders.

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