specific serum

spe·cif·ic se·rum

a monovalent antiserum, that is, one obtained by inoculating an animal with one antigen or species or strain of bacteria.
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They cover basic principles of electrophoresis, protein constituents of serum, determining immunoglobulin clonality and quantifying specific serum proteins, monoclonal gammopathies, urine protein electrophoresis, and a clinical approach.
43] independently of total or specific serum IgE, the probability of developing asthma increased with CPA only in children with serum IgE > 100 kIU/L (OR for each 100-hr increase in CPA = 1.
Abnova will optimize a series of monoclonal antibodies for the quantitation of specific serum protein biomarkers for use with Axela's dotLab Sensors.
Evaluation of interferences in rate and fixed-time nephelometric assays of specific serum proteins.
Filing the patent on these important discoveries is a significant step towards securing our intellectual property position and moving forward with potential strategic relationships and commercialization of what would be a highly specific serum diagnostic test for ovarian cancer," said Amnon Gonenne, Ph.
Recently negative specific serum IgM and positive specific serum IgG indicated a past VZV infection.
A truncated form of prostate-specific antigen is a more specific serum marker of prostate cancer.
EPCA-2: a highly specific serum marker for prostate cancer.
With regard to lung cancer, our nation's leading cancer killer, Ehrlich stated, "I am confident that early detection efforts, combining electron beam tomographic (EBT) imaging with CellCorrect LAb specific serum biomarkers, should favorably change the prognosis for thousands.
Clinical testing could include specific serum testing from well-defined allergic individuals and/or SPT.
The Phase I dose-ranging trial will assess the safety and immunologic profile of recombinant vaccinia-NY-ESO-1 (rV-NY-ESO-1) and recombinant fowlpox-NY-ESO-1 (rF-NY-ESO-1) in approximately 60 patients with NY-ESO-1 expressing tumors and undetectable NY-ESO-1 specific serum antibodies.