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A measure of a material's resistance to the passage of electrical current; the reciprocal of conductivity.
[L. re-sito, to withstand]
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major gene based race specific resistance did not have long life and collapsed usually after 4-5 years.
But I think what I like most about the specific resistance exercises Dr.
As a general guideline, the feed water required for producing humidity within a chamber should have a specific resistance of 0.
Fluoroelastomers in the automotive/off-the-road sector provide specific resistance to oxygenated fuels, and higher aromatic levels.
Tenders are invited for Cork Sheet Grade Rc 70 C Of Size 2 X 3 X Thickness 8 Mm As Per Is 4253 Part Ii Of 1980 For Transformer Use As Per Specific Resistance At 90 Degrees C Ohmns Is 6103-71.
For the operational performance, the following parameters were evaluated: operational field capacity, mobilized area, specific resistance, traction force, drawbar power and specific, hourly and operational consumptions.
tritici races and race- specific resistance genes in wheat is interpreted according to the gene-for-gene model (Flor, 1971).
Task linearity specific can be used for adapting network parameters, when it is known exact one phase fault to ground in the network, and allows to find line parameters, soil specific resistance in the one phase fault to ground place and to correct line length in the feeder.
Different patterns of specific resistance to individual rust races or pathotypes have been reported as follows: single dominant genes (Coyne and Schuster, 1975; Bravo and Galvez, 1976; Kolmer and Groth, 1984; Augustin et al.