specific humidity

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specific humidity (q),

The mass of water vapor divided by the unit mass of moist air.
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Caption: Figure 5: Specific humidity (SH) at the both sensor locations in ON and OFF state of CT Fan [Nov 5, 2014-Nov 10, 2014 with 1 min resolution] (a) SH plotted as function of time (b) Scatter plot of SH Sensor#1 vs Sensor#2
Only two models ranked highest for more than one variable: Model F for precipitation and specific humidity, and Model C for winds and moisture flux.
Estimating long-wave radiation at the Earth's surface from measurements of specific humidity.
he] specific humidity of air when it leaves the heater (kg/kg); [W.
Table 4 shows the summary of WRF predicted specific humidity performance.
Vertical profiles of temperature and specific humidity can be used to determine the height of the atmospheric boundary layers (CLA).
5 and 6 shows the relationship between vapour pressure and specific humidity.
potential temperature-[theta], Exner pressure-[pi], specific humidity q and wind velocity components u, v, w used for further computing.
Examples include shelf-life studies with real time data, package performance analysis in storage, temperature change influence on product water activity, shipping-container monitoring for safe conditions, and humidity monitoring in air-conditioned rooms with specific humidity requirements.