specific epithet

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spe·cif·ic ep·i·thet

in bacteriology, the second part of the name of a species; it is not, by itself, a name; the name of a bacterial species consists of two parts, the generic name and the specific epithet.

specific epithet

The uncapitalized Latin adjective or noun that follows a capitalized genus name in binomial nomenclature and serves to distinguish a species from others in the same genus, as saccharum in Acer saccharum (sugar maple). Also called trivial name.
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On 29 April 1807 he wrote to William Bartram to express his dissatisfaction with some specific epithets adopted by Latham and inquired whether he "should hazard a new nomenclature, or, by copying [the names of others], sanction what I do not approve of" (Hunter 1983:272).
The specific epithet, regarded as a noun in apposition, is from the Hawaiian word "huinakolu" meaning triangle, and refers to the almost equilateral triangular shape to the abdomen.
Etymology: The specific epithet is for Rodrigo Bernal, who first
Plants spread by creeping rootstocks which protrude past the fronds, hence the specific epithet "protrusa.
The specific epithet literally means "hedgehog," and the etymology of "pine" coincides with "pain.
The specific epithet of the new species refers to its lustrous rhizome scales.
The specific epithet is in recognition of the collector of the type series, Dr.
The specific epithet is referring to the sterile blades that aredivided into three major parts, each of which is again divided into three parts (Theiret 1980).
The specific epithet "truncorum" was chosen due to its habitat preference for tree fern trunks.
The specific epithet is referring to the fact that this species persists throughout winter (Thieret 1980).

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