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* PHASE 3: Testing is done in several hundred to several thousand people with the specific disease or condition the drug is intended to treat.
The 2009 SRCA gathered information regarding whether the condition is explicitly reportable (i.e., listed as a specific disease or as a category of diseases on reportable disease lists), whether a condition is implicitly reportable (i.e., included in a general category of the reportable disease list, such as "rare diseases of public health importance"), or not reportable within each jurisdiction.
This publication gives a very good overview and some detail of the management of specific disease processes that increase patient risk in the perioperative period.
Other features include a review of the top clinical research stories of 2008 as reported by the editorial staff of The CenterWatch Monthly, drug pipeline information, and updates on specific disease areas.
The broad scope of topics covered is impressive, but the book does not cover any specific disease rigorously.
The website also lists all drugs or vaccines used in a specific disease registry.
Peripheral neuropathy is not a specific disease, but can occur due to many different conditions that cause damage to the peripheral nerves.
Synopsis: Americans name the cost and access to healthcare rather than a specific disease or medical syndrome as the most urgent health problem facing the nation.
After an informative preface explaining why the study of plant pathology is important and how to use both this introductory textbook and its accompanying CD-Rom, the first chapter provides and explanation of how plant diseases are diagnosed, the 'plant disease triangle', how to determine the cause of a specific disease, what 'biotrophs' and necrotrophs are, disease cycles and they can be utilized.
In these studies, we were often treating a syndrome rather than a specific disease with a specific cause.
The cells are able to morph many different kinds of tissue that can be used to treat specific disease when transplanted into the body.