specific compliance

spe·cif·ic com·pli·ance

1. the compliance of a structure divided by its initial volume;
2. more specifically for the lungs, the compliance divided by the functional residual capacity.
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Their services allow companies to meet industry specific compliance requirements with no onsite hardware or software required, while also gaining unprecedented insight and control of fraudulent, harmful activity.
The bureau said that, when practical, it would give industry flexibility to meet safety and equipment standards rather than insisting on specific compliance methods.
This new facility also allows Mindtree to meet specific compliance requirements where monitoring must be done within the US and by US citizens when security clearance is required.
Each facility and organization will have to design, implement and revise as needed the specific compliance program required to meet its unique needs.
It is by creating a zero trust approach to data security first, and only then overlaying any specific compliance requirements, that organisations can lock down the business against threat and meet regulatory demands.
The new website provides specific compliance information for all industries served by CSI, including financial services, and it reflects CSI's robust watch list screening and compliance software for all organizations subject to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and other governmental sanctions lists.
Although roughly half of respondent companies perform specific compliance and ethics risk assessment activities, only 21% use surveys of employee attitudes as a source of information for their risk evaluations.
Compliance: Rapidly responds and fulfils specific compliance regulations for regulatory bodies and auditors with automatic PCI, HIPAA and SOX reports, customised by any combination of auditable data.
The reviewers will pick other QHP issuers "for expedited compliance reviews based on specific compliance issues identified throughout the year," officials said.
What systems are in place to address the company's specific compliance issues?