specific cause

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spe·cif·ic cause

a cause, the action of which can definitely produce the condition in question.


in diseases, an agent, event, condition or characteristic which plays an essential role in producing an occurrence of the disease. Because there is nowadays much less certainty about what actually establishes a disease state it is becoming more common to use terms such as disease determinants, causal association, causal relationship. koch's postulates are no longer the sole criterion used in establishing causality.

constitutional cause
an inherent characteristic of the patient. Usually a systemic defect, e.g. protoporphyria.
direct cause
there must be no known variable intervening between the suspect factor and the disease.
endogenous cause
the cause comes from within the patient. See also constitutional cause (above).
exogenous cause
the cause comes from outside the patient, e.g. a virus infection.
indirect cause
all causes other than the direct cause (see above).
host cause
see endogenous cause (above).
necessary cause
a factor which must be present to produce disease; the disease does not occur unless the factor was or is present.
precipitating cause
the trigger mechanism that initiates the commencement of the disease state.
predisposing cause
a mechanism that makes a patient more susceptible to the precipitating cause.
primary cause
the principal factor in causing the disease.
secondary cause
a factor that assists the primary cause. A cause of secondary importance.
specific cause
the single cause in a single cause-single disease relationship.
sufficient cause
a minimal set of conditions and events which inevitably produce disease.
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But giving attached to a specific cause can also limit your gift.
Specific causes were noted for 90 of the 337 impairments, with fraud being the leading particularly identified cause, but most failures can be understood as general business failures associated with poor business strategy/execution and weak management.
For the majority of people with low back pain, the specific cause is unclear, he said, but there are certain factors that seem to put people at risk of having low back pain.
Although the company's signature events, like the bikini/body paint transformation showcases, will be fundraisers dedicated to raising funds for a specific cause that night, the Fearless Vixen Productions purpose driven models will have a presence at galas, golf tournaments and other fundraiser events where they will engage and inform event attendees and ask them to donate to the cause (whether by raffle ticket, opportunity drawing, silent auction or other creative means) for the evening.
The specific cause of the incident is yet to be determined and clearly a full investigation is now under way.
There was no immediate word on a specific cause of death.
The specific cause of these lesions is unclear, but some type of tracheal mucosa trauma or irritation is suggested by histologic findings.
Sport24 reports that to show their support, the South African players will wear an all-pink outfit for this specific match, while fans wearing pink to the match can set a new record for the most people wearing a single colour, in one place in support of a specific cause.
Asiana Airlines is currently investigating the specific cause of the incident," the company said, while vowing to cooperate fully with government investigators.
The commander said "the plane crashed due to technical flaws", but declined to mention the specific cause of the crash, saying experts are still studying the incident.
Research has found 85% of adults claim to have donated money to a specific cause or charity in the past three months.

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