specific antigens

spe·cif·ic an·ti·gens

antigens that are unique or characterize an entity.
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In patients responding to therapy, significant expansion of the infused MultiTAA cells was observed, along with broad-based epitope spreading, with significant expansion of endogenous T cells specific for other tumor specific antigens. Arm B: This arm was designed to evaluate the use of MultiTAA cells as a second-line therapy for patients who have failed first-line chemotherapy.
"We use each antibody because it has the ability to bond to its specific antigens. Once the antibody binds to it, we can test for the amount of antigens present," Dr.
The scientists are also developing tests for Prostate Specific Antigen, an indicator of prostate cancer, but the device could be calibrated to test for any protein antigen biomarkers.
Researchers have now proposed an easier process that involves nanoparticles to deliver myelin specific antigens. Administration of either myelin peptide- coupled mononuclear cells or nanoparticles, to introduce myelin specific antigens, may also be used in developing tolerance in other autoimmune diseases which involve known antigens.It is believed that this new treatment could greatly stop the progression of autoimmune diseases, particularly in recently diagnosed cases.
The results demonstrated that when the specific antigens were introduced, a conformational change of the antibody occurred, increasing the distance between the dyes.
For each ratio of antigen-to-antibody, three samples were needed: one control (without antigen) sample, one specific antigen sample, and one nonspecific antigen sample.
Neutralizing antibody: a type of protein produced by B lymphocytes (see above) after stimulation by an antigen; such proteins bind to specific antigens in an immune response and usually counteract or inactivate antigens.
Skin testing involves the introduction of specific antigens onto or into the skin through a skin prick or an intradermal inoculation.
This study demonstrated that oral administration of specific antigens effectively reversed the manifestations of chronic graft versus host disease.
Skin testing involves introducing specific antigens onto or into the skin by way of scratch, prick, and intradermal tests.
The United States Department of Health and Human Services (Washington, DC) has patented a vaccine for inducing an immune response in mammal to a specific antigen, where the vaccine comprises a unit dose of a binary toxin protective antigen and the antigen, which is bound to a binary toxin protective antigen binding protein.
Prostate specific antigen: a critical assessment of the most useful tumor marker for adenocarcinoma of the prostate.

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