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To engage in specialization (1).
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v. special·ized, special·izing, special·izes
Biology To become adapted to a specific function or environment; undergo specialization.
Biology To adapt to a particular function or environment; cause to undergo specialization.
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Patient discussion about specialize

Q. Is there a special diet for FMS I heard that there is a connection between my diet and FMS- what is it? And what should I eat or not eat (that is the question ? )

A. My neighbor next door has this - he always looks so tired! I will tell him abot this link _Laura_ - thanks.

Q. Are there any special forums for parents to kids with cancer? I think my sister could really use that kind of support group of people who are going through the exact same thing they never dreamed to be.

A. But how should I tell her to go there? she acts like she doesn't need help. she says she isn't the one who needs treatment and she wouldn't want to waste time and energy on herself now- only on the kid. How do I convince her it's important?

Q. Anybody know any special cakes for diabetes patients? not just sugarless... something that was specially designed maybe...? any recipes??

A. Thank you diabetes community!!! you are good people... I invite you to try the cakes once they're ready...

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Our team of 20 search consultants specializes in the following practice areas: financial services, technology, consumer, professional services, and life sciences.
A fund manager with a consistent earnings substyle specializes in established blue-chip companies that have a higher growth rate than most other large cap companies.
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Dudley specializes in developing cross-border commercial structures and financing strategies to optimize international operations and transactions.
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Emsco specializes in the installation and repair of induction furnaces and associated systems with eight service facilities in North America and the United Kingdom.
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With 37 franchises and six family-owned locations, the company, which specializes in Caribbean baked goods, boasts revenues of $32 million.
Initiatives Corporation specializes in front-end development tools such as PowerBuilder, and VisualBasic and databases including Sybase, Oracle and Microsoft SQL server.

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