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special needs

Of or relating to people who have specific needs, as those associated with a disability: special-needs housing; a special needs teacher
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They are the only essential influence in the motivation for treatment.8 Available research data has shown an insufficient work that have examined the aspects taming the reaction to OT and the families' approaches to orthodontic attention, and very few researches has encompassed a controller assembly of healthy persons.9,10 Therefore the aim of this study was to examine the motivation and hopes of families about the OT of special-needs patients, the shared affects, and the conflicting things of treatment and the status of gratification with treatment consequences.
The families of 75 special-needs children with biological, intellectual and hearing deficiency experiencing orthodontic treatment (OT) were followed on approaches to orthodontic treatment and close to content with the consequences.
It's essential for parents planning for a special-needs child to preserve and protect public benefits such as disability, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid.
An irrevocable living trust or will establishes legally binding documents to distribute property and, more importantly, help ensure the special-needs child is cared for in a way the parents want by the people they choose.
Emergency planning is an important and complex undertaking that becomes even more complicated when focusing on the needs of special-needs populations, according to IPHA Executive Director James Nelson, MS.
For example, a YMCA day camp was designed to encourage interaction and physical growth among special-needs children through the use of different activities.
Special-needs volunteers, like many of our teen volunteers, often use their volunteer experience to develop useful skills that can lead to successful careers.
Special-needs beneficiaries: Treasury has been granted the authority to issue regulations allowing contributions to an education IRA to continue past age 18 for a special-needs beneficiary, and for distributions to continue and rollovers to occur past age 30.
Insurers and other financial services providers are tapping into this market for special-needs planning by dedicating resources and advisers trained in more than just financial matters.
"It's of the utmost importance to us to help agents provide excellent service for their special-needs and 'slow walker' clients," says Andrew Garnett, Special Needs Group founder/CEO.
Counties with the largest number of KCPE examination candidates were Nairobi, which had 59,302, Nakuru (52,910), Kakamega (50,860) and Bungoma (48,001).SPECIAL NEEDS"The ministry continued to implement interventions aimed at enabling special-needs children [to] excel in their learning," the CS added.
Teachers will have to be conversant with special needs education to fix the shortage of teachers in the special-needs schools.

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