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special needs

Of or relating to people who have specific needs, as those associated with a disability: special-needs housing; a special needs teacher
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The multi-year initiative, funded by the Illinois Department of Public Health with federal bioterrorism money, is helping local health departments and community-level emergency management agencies implement advisory panels to address the issues of special-needs populations during emergencies.
Taxpayers who send their special-needs children to "nonspecial" schools may still be able to deduct a portion of the tuition as medical expenses.
Julie Ann Dalton, who has a special-needs brother and regularly attends church in the city, said Fr Brown should not be allowed say mass and claimed the Bishop of Ossory Dr Laurence Forristal allowed special-needs people to attend his masses and "promoted it".
Insurers and other financial services providers are tapping into this market for special-needs planning by dedicating resources and advisers trained in more than just financial matters.
First and foremost, this must be a positive and productive experience across the board--for special-needs volunteers, the residents, and the staff.
Such expenses include tuition, fees, books, supplies and equipment and costs for special-needs services of a special-needs beneficiary.
Beyond taking a first-class approach to universal design, several major hotel chains offer staff sensitivity training on dealing with special-needs clientele.
Here is the major disadvantage: Money placed in a special-needs trust cannot be used for one's spouse.
I just wish more fathers with special-needs kids would take us up on our offer,'' he said.
The service directs parents to local special-needs organizations for information and support; -- Health care advice that addresses unique issues and concerns, such as tips on the latest medications and evaluations of treatments; -- Access to the names and addresses of local public and private organizations that can be retrieved from a national directory quickly and easily by simply entering the state and pushing a button; -- Reviews of new products and technology that assist both parents and children.
No, an hour a week is a lot in The Friendship Circle, a nonprofit organization that pairs teenage volunteers with special-needs children.
Life in a Special-Needs World" Exclusive Report Explores Health and Happiness of Children of All Abilities

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