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special needs

Of or relating to people who have specific needs, as those associated with a disability: special-needs housing; a special needs teacher
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Families of special-needs children experiencing orthodontic treatment indicated an amazing score of stimulus and they are ready to cooperate in dental sanitation techniques.
It's essential for parents planning for a special-needs child to preserve and protect public benefits such as disability, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid.
Emergency planning is an important and complex undertaking that becomes even more complicated when focusing on the needs of special-needs populations, according to IPHA Executive Director James Nelson, MS.
For example, a YMCA day camp was designed to encourage interaction and physical growth among special-needs children through the use of different activities.
Vogel started a nonprofit group, Special Needs Advocate for Parents, to share information with other families with special-needs children.
Special-needs volunteers, like many of our teen volunteers, often use their volunteer experience to develop useful skills that can lead to successful careers.
Special-needs beneficiaries: Treasury has been granted the authority to issue regulations allowing contributions to an education IRA to continue past age 18 for a special-needs beneficiary, and for distributions to continue and rollovers to occur past age 30.
provides wheelchair, scooter, and oxygen rentals and other special-needs equipment rentals.
I just wish more fathers with special-needs kids would take us up on our offer,'' he said.
The service directs parents to local special-needs organizations for information and support; -- Health care advice that addresses unique issues and concerns, such as tips on the latest medications and evaluations of treatments; -- Access to the names and addresses of local public and private organizations that can be retrieved from a national directory quickly and easily by simply entering the state and pushing a button; -- Reviews of new products and technology that assist both parents and children.
Travel agents booking cruises for special-needs and "slow walker" clients can now easily, quickly, and safely reserve wheelchair and scooter rentals with Special Needs Group, Inc.
No, an hour a week is a lot in The Friendship Circle, a nonprofit organization that pairs teenage volunteers with special-needs children.

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