special senses

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special senses

The senses of sight, touch, hearing, equilibrium, smell, and taste.
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out of the ordinary.

special action points
acupoints used only to influence specific organs or tissues.
special diagnostic strategies
includes all techniques which are not provided in the ordinary course of the services available at veterinary clinics and hospital, e.g. Compton metabolic profile, field response trial, retrospective mating analysis.
special incidence ratios
ratios done specially for indexes that are not part of a regular surveillance system, e.g. a zoonosis incidence ratio which is the ratio of the number of new cases of the disease in the animal reservoir related to the number of people in the human population for the same period.
special protocol
a hospital case chart created specially to record observations in cases of a disease that is under examination by members of the staff.
special risk population
a population of animals that is especially likely to contract a disease because of some peculiarity of genetics or husbandry or because of geographic or climatic factors.
special senses
see special sense.
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The authors begin with cell structure and types and classifications of tissues and organs, then move to epithelial tissues and exocrine glands, connective and muscle tissues, cartilage and bone, nervous system and special senses, cardiovascular system, blood, blood cell formation, lymphoid system, integumentary system, endocrine organs, digestive system, urinary system, and reproductive system.

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