special hospital

spe·cial hos·pi·tal

a hospital for the medical and surgical care of patients with specific types of diseases (for example, ear, nose, and throat; eyes; mental illness).
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The awarded parts were a mobile light tower enclosure and "pods" used in a special hospital bed.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran is planning to construct a special hospital to treat patients who need nuclear medicine, a senior official announced on Sunday.
The lifer, 32, was moved from one of Britain's toughest category A jails to Ashworth special hospital after a psychological assessment.
He gave Leslie a prison sentence, but added a provision that he should be treated first at Rampton special hospital.
A PATIENT at a special hospital used a sliver of glass to attack a member of staff - but no-one was aware of it until she confessed.
Kittis was placed under guard in a special hospital ward treating prison inmates.
The deal is for general building inspection of the special hospital rehabilitation centre Sonderkrankenanstalt-Rehabilitationszentrum Bad Schallerbach, or SKA-RZ.
He also discovered a formal studio photograph of his father on crutches and in one of the special hospital suits which wounded men were issued with, and which comprised of a blue jacket with a white lining, open at the neck, with blue trousers and a red tie.
When his condition became stable, he was taken to a special hospital in Germany.
Avasthi's special hospital for premature births 'Surya Child Care'.
He wants us to ensure that they have a better future," said Zuma, "He expressed eloquently his wish for a special hospital to cater for the needs of children, hence the plans to establish the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital in his honour.

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