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Does speaking of him again mean speaking of his debts?
He was evidently listening, Betteredge, when I was speaking to you last night.
But it's extraordinary the difficulty I have on scores of such subjects, in speaking to any one on equal terms.
Will your patience hold out if I go back for the third time to the person whom we have been speaking of?
Legally speaking, as well as morally speaking, it absolutely vindicates your husband's innocence.
Sonya trembled all over and blushed to her ears and behind them and down to her neck and shoulders while Nicholas was speaking.
Fra Luca, the man of affairs to Maximilian,[*] the present emperor, speaking of his majesty, said: He consulted with no one, yet never got his own way in anything.
And remember that I am now speaking of the true physician.
And besides that, I think I should give offence to Adam by speaking to him at all about marrying; and I counsel thee not to do't.
Stay," continued Aramis, "I have seen many persons very like the one we are speaking of; but, out of respect, no one ever said anything about it.
Please to observe, Monsieur Fouquet, that if, instead of speaking to man like you, who are one of the first in the kingdom, I were speaking to a troubled, uneasy conscience - I should compromise myself forever.
In this case, Alban could enjoy the luxury of speaking unreservedly.