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Does speaking of him again mean speaking of his debts?
When my interference had restored my unworthy rival to his freedom, could I submit to the degrading necessity of seeing her in his presence, of speaking to her under his eyes?
Not a few of the Southern white papers were unfriendly to the idea of my speaking.
When I am speaking to an audience, I care little for how what I am saying is going to sound in the newspapers, or to another audience, or to an individual.
The room was very large, and well suited to public speaking.
Her silence gave him the opportunity of speaking in her place.
He was evidently listening, Betteredge, when I was speaking to you last night.
The time had been, when my speaking to her in that way would have brought the tears into her eyes.
She was in no condition to understand the caution against speaking to him in private, which Mr.
No," she said, going on with her sweeping, and speaking to herself; "I know a better way of relieving my mind than that.
I cannot let you continue in your error; and yet, perhaps, since my manners gave such an impression, I have as much reason to be ashamed of confessing that I never have been at all attached to the person we are speaking of, as it might be natural for a woman to feel in confessing exactly the reverse.
he said, speaking sternly to Grace for the first time.