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If thou feelest it to be for thy soul's peace, and that thy earthly punishment will thereby be made more effectual to salvation, I charge thee to speak out the name of thy fellow-sinner and fellow-sufferer
But if you have any wish to speak openly to me as a friend, or to ask my opinion of any thing that you may have in contemplationas a friend, indeed, you may command me.
Her indignation would have been still stronger than it was, had she not witnessed that embarrassment which seemed to speak a consciousness of his own misconduct, and prevented her from believing him so unprincipled as to have been sporting with the affections of her sister from the first, without any design that would bear investigation.
Don't try to speak yet," she said, in softer and gentler tones.
So strange was the way in which he faded into silence, and so strange his fixed look when he had ceased to speak, that Darnay felt his own hand turn cold in the hand that slowly released and dropped it.
Speak on, O king, while I warm myself, and thou shalt hear true words," I said boldly.
It'll be better for me to speak plain," he said, with evident effort, "though it's hard work.
Thus did he speak, but they all held their peace, ashamed to decline the challenge, yet fearing to accept it, till at last Menelaus rose and rebuked them, for he was angry.
At such a moment to give way to gaiety, to speak with lightness, and to you
I speak only the language of my tribe--the great apes who were Kerchak's; and a little of the languages of Tantor, the elephant, and Numa, the lion, and of the other folks of the jungle I understand.
Oh, but I did not speak of individual representatives.
I was anxious, however, that the way might also be opened for me to speak directly to a representative Southern white audience.