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, spaying (spa) (spa'ing) [Gael. spoth, castrate]
Surgical removal of ovaries, usually said of animals.
See: castration
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SPOT is the only organization in Lane County that specifically defrays the cost of spaying and neutering, Curtin said.
A study published in the Journal of the National Institutes of Cancer in 1969, "Factors Influencing Canine Mammary Cancer Development and Post-Surgical Survival Rates," is the most commonly cited reference regarding the correlation between spaying and mammary cancer in dogs.
And it is to counter this that Salter's organisation has started a simple process: spaying. In other words, call it family planning for dogs.
London, Aug 26 (ANI): A provocative television commercial by PETA that makes a satirical comparison with teen sex in order to promote the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats who face an uncertain future in severely crowded animal shelters has been banned by the advertising authority Clearcast.
"Spay Day" promotes the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs to prevent animal overpopulation, which can lead to the euthanizing of many homeless pets.
The clinic is a self-sufficient 30-foot van designed specifically for spaying and neutering dogs and cats.
The coalition is working through a two-pronged effort: Finding permanent homes for healthy animals, through traditional agencies, no-kill shelters and temporary foster homes, and encouraging spaying and neutering to control the overall numbers of unwanted dogs and cats.
Miss Robinson said: "We need to hit the message home - spaying should be the first thing pet owners think about."
After all, when you invest time and money giving a feline the necessary shots, spaying or neutering, along with flea and worm treatment, they must go to a good home, she said.
Prices for spaying a three-year-old Labrador ranged from pounds 80 to pounds 225, while cat owners could save around pounds 650 over their pet's lifetime by simply shopping around, said a survey by the Consumers' Association.
An animal shelter would have to be set up by the ISPCA to provide veterinary facilities for the neutering and spaying of cats and dogs.
The Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) and UP Friends of Campus Animals (Foca) conducted on Sunday a mass spaying and neutering to help control the population of the stray animals in the university.