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, spaying (spa) (spa'ing) [Gael. spoth, castrate]
Surgical removal of ovaries, usually said of animals.
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Milani think that in the case of females, spaying after the second heat (which is likely to be more regular and normal than the first heat) is ideal.
Looney, for the surgical site to "break down" postsurgically and create an opening into the abdomen, but she notes that such events occur in only one or two percent of feline spaying procedures.
Finally, spaying also helps in preventing the spread of genetic diseases.
What is most striking about spaying in Nepal, though, is how few people actually spay their females.
Hiba al-Hajj, a second-year veterinary student at the Lebanese University who is receiving training at the Animals Lebanon clinic, agrees that spaying or neutering is a humane way to deal with growing numbers of strays.
To avoid any problems that may occur during the capturing and spaying procedures, officials of the Health Services will inform the residents of every area to protect their pets.
The researchers concluded: "Veterinary practitioners should inform owners that a bitch may become more reactive after spaying, either because they have lost the calming effects of progesterone or because elevated gonadotropins stimulate release of adrenal androgens.
It is important to considering spaying and neutering the pets to help prevent pet overpopulation.
They're just trying to be invisible, because they're not used to people," said Karen Powers, who heads Spay Worcester, a group that promotes spaying and neutering as a means of reducing the wild cat population.
Winans said her organization and other nonprofit groups in the area will not be able to meet the demand for spaying and neutering created by the closure of Eugene's clinic.