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For an illuminating analysis of economic insecurity among small producers and its relationship to antebellum third partyism, see Bruce Laurie, "'Spavined Ministers, Lying Toothpullers, and Buggering Priests': Third Partyism and the Search for Security in the Antebellum North," in Howard Rock, Paul Gilje, Robert Asher, eds., American Artisans: Crafting Social Identity, 1750-1850 (Baltimore, 1995).
Not everywhere in these essays, but far too often, Holmes takes a ride on the sort of spavined beast to which throughout his career he himself has so memorably applied the whip.
They include: filthy story-teller, ignoramus Abe, old scoundrel, butcher, and (my favorite) "a long, lean, lank, lantern-jawed, high cheek-boned, spavined, rail-splitting stallion." The next time Bush objects to being called a wimp, remind him of that barb, issued during Lincoln's reelection campaign.
His good horses were always spavined, or wind-broken, by anxious expectant fathers who would borrow the animals to fetch a midwife for their wives who were in labor.
Newspaper was stuffed into a broken window and a spavined red Ford pickup sat alongside it.
We now view the image of a lonely spavined trailer quarantined by yellow crime-scene tape.
Chabon writes that "in the immemorial style of young men under pressure, they decided to lie down for a while and waste time." Sammy lay down on a spavined purple davenport; Joe, on the floor, was aware for a moment that he was lying on a sour-smelling oval braided rug, in an apartment recently vacated by a girl who had impressed him, in the few instants of their acquaintance, as the most beautiful he had ever seen in his life, in a building whose face he had scaled so that he could begin to produce comic books for a company that sold farting pillows in Manhattan, New York, where he had come by way of Lithuania, Siberia, and Japan.
Transportation to the scene of impending disaster was supplied by Wes Ostrander who had foolishly been entrusted with the family sleigh, including a slightly spavined horse to pull it.
The pup tent, purchased for six dollars at a bygone flea market, grew spavined and began to leak.
New York has long been without interest even as a model for regional magazines; Rolling Stone is a fanzine; and The Voice is so spavined with Democratic reform politics and self-regard that it needs crutches to get out to the paddock.