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There is no scheme of ecstatic temporality without a specific regime of making room (a regime of spatializing that accompanies a certain kind of temporalizing).
Each of the basic existentiales has presumably its own regime of spatializing in an ek-static manner its peculiar spatiality.
To be sure, Merleau-Ponty's "anthropological spaces" (the spatiality of night, the space of sexual imagery, the space of dreaming, the mythical space, the space of artistic expressivity--each of them defined by the typical grasp of man's body on the world) can be studied as modes of spatializing related to particular temporalized configurations of existentiales.
This is, of course, one of many particular applications of a common methodology that seeks to explore the faults of analysis grounded in a spatializing rationality (Unamuno) or intellection (Bergson).
His critique of the intellect is thus remarkably similar to that of Bergson, who frequently writes of its spatializing tendency to freeze, to partition fluid experience into immobile units.
There are thus two consciousnesses, two ways of knowing, a spatializing intellect and intuition for Bergson, reason and life for Unamuno.
Culture is internally fissured by the very contradictions it wants to hold at bay by means of the spatializing process, and it is these fissures that the contrapuntal method seeks to disengage from the seeming unity of the cultural object.
Porete's spatializing vocabulary delineates the space which the soul should occupy.
Eckhard's musing on divine sight, or in-sight, is, as with Porete, mediated through spatializing metaphors.
Figurally conceived, the measures he codified for the reform of slave discipline and management at Hordley may be seen as the spatializing capacities of nationspace acting as a prophylactic in colonyspace (Journal, entry for March 4, 1818).
Lewis' prior social and political allegiances predisposed him to a myth of nationspace whose essence, purity, and homogeneity could sustain the homeland, and whose spatializing power was always sufficient to penetrate and transform alien spaces.
As with their photography in Land Mark (Footprints), the artists reinscribe this tear through their own act of recording, further spatializing the representation to include another aesthetic reading of the landscape.

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