spatial vector

spa·tial vec·tor

a cardiac vector represented in more than one plane simultaneously; two- or three-dimensional orientation of a vector.
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The project vision is a full-fledged spin-orbit photonic science and technology, and its achievement will be pursued by moving in three main directions:1) We will develop innovative systems based on spin-orbit optical media for generating light fields exhibiting a complex spatial vector structure, both in two dimensions (transverse plane and transverse fields) and in three (i.
is the spatial vector of the network voltage in the coordinate system [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] are orts of directions by the axes a, b, c of the coordinate system;
is the spatial vector of current in the coordinate system a, b, c.
The developed theories, operating with spatial vectors of currents and voltages, among which are the p-q theory, improved p-q theory of power, [i.
m] is thus the volume energy density of matter, including its potential energy in the gravitational field, and the spatial vector field [[PHI].
The scalar w is interpreted as the volume density of energy, and the spatial vector P is interpreted as the volume density of momentum [2].
Of course, [nabla]U is the spatial vector having components [([nabla]U).
Beenstock and Felsenstein (2007) proposed a spatial vector autoregression model to explore the relationships between house price movements and fundamental factors across regions.
2007) Spatial vector autoregressions, Spatial Economic Analysis, 2(2), pp.
Now we see that apart from the dependence on the spatial vector, there is also a dependence on the vector of time.
It will also support the analysis of spatial vector data, automatic verification and identification of errors (based on editable business rules), manual or automatic correction of errors, and it will return change updates back to the Oracle Spatial database through a workflow management system.
Function is almost entirely excluded from Eisenman's analysis, while form becomes the visible result of invisible shifts of spatial vectors.
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