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These results indicated that the white-noise and silence (control) conditions are not similar, besides animals exposed to the relaxing piece of music had a decrement in their spatial memory but only the rock not the classical piece, which indicated that arousal is not the only variable implicated but also the valence or interaction between arousal and valence is responsible for the results.
Opposite to this, other findings suggest that some antidepressants such as fluoxetine, venlafaxine can impair the spatial memory in a variant of Y-maze test in rats (which are not capable to recognise the arm with changed brightness), while reboxetine does not significant interfere the animal spatial memory performance in the same behavioural model, probably due to the lack of influence on the serotonin level (17).
Relationship between [corrected] spatial memory in diabetic rats and protein kinase Ca, caveolin-1 in the hippocampus and neuroprotective effect of catalpol.
The spatial memory was evaluated in the probe trial.
Furthermore, there is limited research on the improvement of spatial orientation and spatial memory through the design of computer games.
Therefore, since hyperprolinemia provokes deficits in spatial memory in rats, the aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of chronic hyperprolinemia on the ability of rats to recognize objects (using a test of non-spatial memory), as well as its effects on AChE activity in the hippocampus and cerebral cortex of rats.
These serotonin containing neurons are shown to be involved in stress-dependent impairments in spatial memory (Luine et al.
Measurements included IQ, spatial memory, arithmetic achievement, visual-motor integration, visual perception and motor function.
This requires an ability called spatial memory, which differs according to gender.
Exercise alter specific aspects of delayed long-term memory in young adults (Coles and Tomporowski, 2008), and enhanced spatial memory formation in Wister male rats (Khabour et al.

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