spatial localization

spa·tial lo·cal·i·za·tion

the reference of a visual sensation to a definite locality in space.
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Contract award: spatial localization local council district 1, b-dul banu manta nr.
SyncVision(TM) is designed to bring the detailed vessel, lumen and wall structure from angiography and the spatial localization of Volcano's intravascular ultrasound images within the coronary tree together in a co-registered view to facilitate more informed treatment decisions and more efficient, enhanced workflow performance.
They may not be required for lesions near the spine, as the spine provides spatial localization.
In addition, size discrimination, while a nominally spatial task, may not tap or quantify the fine-grained limits of spatial localization.
The general theory of localized frames (see [6], [5] and [1]) asserts that the functions forming the dual basis satisfy a similar spatial localization.
frequency, choosing the representation, adaptive approximations and basic practical issues along with analysis of seizures, event-related desynchronization and synchronization and spatial localization of cerebral sources, then describes equations and technical details such as adaptive approximation and matching pursuit, statistic significance of changes in the time-frequency plane and details and tricks of implementation.
The results demonstrate preliminary safety and the potential to achieve spatial localization, motion detection, orientation, mobility and other skills using a retinal implant for people who are blind or whose vision is severely compromised.
Allows multiple Song Meter field recorders to synchronize to within one millisecond enabling spatial localization of recorded sounds
Gaining knowledge about the spatial localization of proteins and compounds in tissue will also provide invaluable knowledge to drug candidate research and chemical compound monitoring in animal and plant tissue.
For example, the MALDI-enabled SYNAPT MS system enables researchers to perform MALDI imaging studies, primarily to determine the spatial localization of drugs, metabolites and peptides in biological tissues with high specificity and sensitivity.
But up until now, we have not had a good enough tool to combine information about temporal and spatial localization of relevant functional centers in the brain.
The technology's capabilities are very broad based," states Bill Nelson senior manager for the project, "and are not just limited to speech and signal amplification in noisy environments - but also provide for noise and feedback suppression, frequency compensation, spatial localization and recruitment.

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