Plural of spatium.
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Nam ut sunt longitudines DC, PC, ita accelerationes sub initio motus in D et P: quare spatia primo descripta puta Dd & Pp erunt in eadem ratione.
Adeoque spatia SC et nC erunt in illa ratione idque continuo donec utrumque simul in nihilum evanescat.
Steganalytic [13] [14] [27] Systems Number of features 1 4 164 Domains of Feature Spatia Extraction Spatial 1 DCT DCT Training/Classifier Yes/Linear Yes/Linear Yes/Neural Targeted LSB Arbitrary Spread embedding scheme spectrum Number of test 1 6 1 schemes Payload of stego 0.
Centre for Advanced Spatia I Analysis at University College London Family History Monthly Magazine
superstitiosus et immodicus quorundam affectus, qui summam pietatem esse ducunt vidisse Hierosolymam; et huc per tantum terrarum marisque spatia currunt senes episcopi, relicto grege, qui curandus erat, huc viri principes relicta familia ac dictione, huc mariti, relictis domi liberis et uxore, quorum moribus a pudicitiae necessarius erat custos, huc adolescentes et foeminae, non sine gravi discrimine morum et integritatis.
The SPATIA solution is a Web-based system that enables commercial and industrial customers and utilities to access data and control equipment in difficult-to-read sites using the ORBCOMM wireless data network.
The benefits of the SPATIA solution include reduced power outages and improved service quality, which are vital to electrical power utilities and industrial and commercial customers.
The ORBCOMM satellite network dramatically enhances the SPATIA solution's deployment options by providing a critical link to sites that are outside of traditional communications infrastructures," said Karen Caldwell, Director of Utility Solutions for the Motorola Market Solutions Division.
The SPATIA solution enables customers to create easily understood graphs and charts based on power- or water-use data that they can access through secure Internet connections, email or File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
The SPATIA solution combines Motorola's expertise in communications technology and software development with the power of the Internet to create utility insight for our customers.
SRP's SPATIA system is designed for a wide range of data tracking, collecting and processing applications, including water, energy and natural gas use and water quality.