carbonated water

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car·bon·at·ed wa·ter

, carbonic water
water that contains a considerable amount of carbonic acid in solution.
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Top up with sparkling water or lemonade and serve at once.
Jason Barlow, Shepley Spring's Technical Director, is delighted with the performance of the PC02 polishers and said: "C02 is central to our sparkling water output, but it is a surprisingly scarce gas.
With new packaging and a push to international markets, Badoit could become king of sparkling waters in the Middle East, says Evian Volvic Export GM, Elio Pacheco
The Soda Stream unit turns tap water into sparkling water in 30 seconds with no clean up at all.
For lovers of sparkling water, however, switching to the tap version will still mean a trek to the public park rather than picking up a six-pack from the supermarket, and there's no guarantee that consumers will prove willing.
If one of your New Year guests spills red wine on your tablecloth, douse the area in sparkling water straight away.
Ingredients: Ice 3 tablespoons Herbal Infusion (see recipe below) 1 cup sparkling water or club soda, well chilled Dash of blood orange bitters 1 lemon slice, for garnish 1 cucumber spear, for garnish Method: Fill a tall glass with ice.
Puree the lime juice with strawberries, mango, grape and apple juice, and add a bit of sparkling water.
Make enough to serve six by using three plums, halved, pitted and cut into thin wedges; three nectarines, halved, pitted, and cut into thin wedges; one can (375ml/12fl oz) nectarine nectar; 60ml (2fl oz) orange liqueur; one bottle (750ml/24fl oz) dry white wine; ice cubes; one bottle (750m/24fl oz) sparkling water, chilled.
But it's a big move to go straight to water, and the middle ground is flavoured sparkling water.
Knudsen fruit spritzer drinks contain only sparkling water and natural flavors and juices.