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(spar'er) [AS. sparian, to refrain]
A substance destroyed by catabolism that decreases catabolic action on other substances.

nitrogen sparer

Protein sparer.

protein sparers

Carbohydrates and fats, so designated because their presence in the diet prevents tissue proteins from being used as a source of energy.
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This morning, while I sat at LaGuardia Airport waiting for my plane to come out here to Chicago," Sparer said, "I heard John Boehner and other Republican leaders say that, just in the next couple of weeks, unless Congress votes to defund that law, there will be a shutdown of the United States government.
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See Diller, supra note 7, at 1401 (describing Sparer's litigation strategy at the Center for Social Welfare Policy and Law "to establish what Sparer called a 'right to live'").
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In passages told in the first person, and in a blunter, sparer prose than he uses for his other characters, Cole creates for Kyle a world of alienation, crude talk and explosive violence (the author, a former Globe and Mail reporter and editor, worked in a war zone, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and it shows).
The backdrop, which served as both a large hall and an exterior facade, was reminiscent of the film's palace setting, though much sparer.
In the spirit of "less is more," the new design has a sparer look.
PLAYWRIGHT Harold Pinter has been long-famed for his repetitious, sparse dialogue and even sparer situations which created a dramatic world of his own.
But having survived the halfway cut with nothing to sparer at eight over, he was still only seven over.
But while the LP Show leaned toward the campy and obscure, the much sparer Eisner exhibit featured 105 seminal album covers from Steinweiss's time onward.
Colt did make a few more Single Actions, probably using components in the sparer parts inventory.
According to Ron Sparer, manager of Controls Development at Ferromatik Milacron North America, Milacron Inc.