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(spar'er) [AS. sparian, to refrain]
A substance destroyed by catabolism that decreases catabolic action on other substances.

nitrogen sparer

Protein sparer.

protein sparers

Carbohydrates and fats, so designated because their presence in the diet prevents tissue proteins from being used as a source of energy.
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Founded in 2003 by Alan Sparer, after 20 years with a large San Francisco law firm, Sparer Law Group handles complex litigation including securities class actions.
The Sparers sought to build a 250,000-square-foot clothing manufacturing plant on 10 acres and install streets and water and sewer lines on the rest of the land to accommodate other industrial companies.
Joseph Sparer said his brother was making arrangements for the deposit and that the project is still on track.
I look forward to being part of your community and putting people to work,'' Joseph Sparer said.
The final draft is similar in structure and tone to the original, but Dole has been making it his own, winnowing it down from its original 45 minutes to suit Dole's sparer style.
Sparer and Anderson (1972) showed that there may be an initial, transient, surge in utilization and costs immediately after underserved populations enroll in a primary care program.
We understand how difficult it is for a child to spend time in the hospital, and we understand the need to provide a nurturing environment," said Cynthia Sparer, Executive Director, Children's Hospital of NewYork-Presbyterian.
Material scarcity occasioned compositions that were sparer but no less symbolically dense; a contemporaneous drawing is equally airy, while the clotted graphic rhythms of a slightly later work, TEMPTATION OF ST.
Palmdale is in negotiations with Joe and Bernard Sparer, owners of a Los Angeles garment manufacturing company, who want to build a 150,000-square-foot industrial park at the southeast corner of Avenue M and 10th Street East.
Ballard's engagement with form intensifies in the '90s, in a series of paintings of hay bales, meditations on light's play across a simple form that recalls the haystacks Monet immortalized, though Ballard's project is sparer, more purely muscular and calligraphic than painterly.
Fox Jane Powell, MGM musical comedy star (accepting for Arlene Francis) Katie Sparer, actress, (accepting for her mother, Nancy Marchand) Jerry Stiller, actor & husband of Anne Meara Mary Wallace, writer, widow of TV newsman Ted Yates Mike Wallace, CBS News' "60 Minutes" (husband of Mary Wallace) Eames Yates, producer (accepting for his father, TV newsman Ted Yates) Jeff Zucker, president, NBC Entertainment Master of Ceremonies: Sam Donaldson, ABC News Details: Established in 1991 by Broadcasting & Cable Magazine for its 60th anniversary, the Hall of Fame, the "Honor Roll of the Fifth Estate," recognizes luminaries in TV, radio, and cable for "unparalleled excellence and service to the industry.
My favorite video, though, 40-15, 1999, is even sparer, showing nothing but two men playing tennis, or rather warming up, in front of a mirror in a sparsely furnished apartment.