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A regional term for a glass pipe used to smoke crack cocaine
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The spaceship that blew up last month was the same vessel that successfully completed an unmanned docking with the International Space Station in March.
Now that the plan to launch spaceships from Al Ain has been green-lighted, officials are set to iron out the details that will make commercial space travel happen "in the next few years".
The spaceship from earth which was hovering round Mars stopped over where the old couple were sitting, the captain of the spaceship looked down at the old couple then passed his binoculars to his mates, 'They look sad and lost!' said one of them.
Plane and spaceship re-exports stood at around Dh2.2 by the end of September, a growth of 11 per cent against Dh1.03 during the same period the year before, making up 14 per cent of the emirate's re-exports trade.
A SPACESHIP may be sent to study a giant lump of solid metal orbiting the Sun.
In How to Make a Spaceship, journalist Julian Guthrie follows a handful of teams from around the world on the race to win the prize.
Space program authorities said the spaceship's landing on the vast Inner Mongolian steppe keeps China on schedule to place its second space station into orbit later this year.
Spaceship Earth: Caring for Our Planet is a children's music CD crafted around the themes of good stewardship, respect for nature, and preservation of the delicate ecological balance.
Minneapolis-based GoKart Labs holds an annual GoKart 600 invention event, while Big Spaceship in Brooklyn schedules three hack days a year.
"If I am able to go, and if Richard will still take me, I will be proud to fly on this spaceship."
MOSCOW, Dec 11 (KUNA) -- A Russian spaceship with an international crew on board landed on Friday in Kazakhstan, sources at a space control center said.